Euro-Asian Association of Astronomy Teachers

The First Euro-Asian Congress
of Astronomy Teachers

Chernogolovka, December, 10-14, 1998.

  • General information about the Congress: in Russian,

  • Short information in English, realized programme:
    Thursday 10 15-24 Arrival, registration, check in at the hotel
      19.00 Supper, unformal opening (school "Vesta")
      20.00 Welcome to Chernogolovka (school "Vesta")
    Friday 11 8.15Breakfast (school "Vesta")
     08-..Arrival, registration, check in at the hotel
    later - registration at the places of sessions
     9.30Official opening (conference hall of ISSP RAS)
     9.35Lecture Academician Yu.A.Ossipyan
    (conference hall of ISSP RAS)
     10.05Lecture Dr. E.V.Kononovich "Sun & Earth"
    (conference hall of ISSP RAS)
     11.30Excursion to ISSP RAS
     13.30Lunch (school "Vesta")
     14.30Posters session (school "Vesta")
     16.30Coffee break (school "Vesta")
     16.45Session "School textbooks" (school "Vesta")
     19.00Supper (school "Vesta")
     19.30Posters (continue) (school "Vesta")
    Saturday 12 8.15Breakfast (school "Vesta")
     9.30Lecture Dr. V.G.Surdin "New Large Telescopes"
    (conference hall of ISSP RAS)
     10.30Lecture corr.academician A.M.Cherepashchuk
    "Black Holes in the Universe" (conference hall of ISSP RAS)
     13.30Lunch (school "Vesta")
     14.30Session of EAATA (school "Vesta")
     16.30Coffee break (school "Vesta")
     16.45Work in groups (school "Vesta")
     19.00Supper (school "Vesta")
     19.30Posters (school "Vesta")
    Sunday 13 8.15Breakfast (school "Vesta")
     9.30Lecture I.M.Chernaya "News about Solar System" (school "Vesta")
     11.00Work in groups (school "Vesta")
     13.30Lunch (school "Vesta")
     14.30Elections of EAATA Board, Chairman (school "Vesta")
     16.30Coffee break (school "Vesta")
     16.45Work in groups (school "Vesta")
     19.00Final dinner, unofficial farewell (school "Vesta")
    Monday 14 8.15Breakfast (school "Vesta")
     9.30Closing ceremony, official farewell (conf. hall of ISSP RAS)
     11.30Hotel check outs
     12.00Departure from Chernogolovka
     15.00Board of EAAS (SAI MSU),
    ratification of the Statutes of EAATA

  • Programme Committee:
      Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov,
      ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci.,
      Institute avenue 15, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia
      fax: +7-(096-57)-64-111

Attention for European astronomers:

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