4-th International Workshop on Low Temperature Physics

in Microgravity Environment

Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia

3-8 August 2005

Section of the Space Material Science RAS
RAS Council on Condensed Matter Physics

The Workshop Chairman: Yu. A. Ossipyan
Vice Chairman: Leonid P. Mezhov-Deglin

The number of participants - up to 120 persons.
The conference language - English.

The main topics of the workshop

One page of A4 format, including the title of the talk, names of the authors, mailing and E-mail address, should be sent electronically in Word or in LaTeX format to the address

Proceedings of the accepted papers are planned to be published as a special issue of the international magazine “Low Temperature Physics”.

Early Registration
Organizers ask kindly the potential participants to inform us on the intention to attend the CWS-2005 meeting as earlier as possible and to send the filled form.

Early registration form
(should be filled and returned to, Subject: Early Registration)
1. Your Name.
2. Your Affiliation.
3. Post, Fax and E-mail addresses.
4. Tentative title of your talk (talks); form of presentation (oral, poster).
5. Do you plan to present the paper for publication in Proceedings?
5. Accompanied persons.
6. Do you need the visa permission?
If yes, we will supply you by the proper form necessary for application for the visa permission to the Russia Foreign Office by the Local Organizing Committee. Please, pay attention that the preparation of the visa will demand up to two months.