This conference is the 10th Edition of the EDS Conferences inaugurated in 1978 in Hünfeld (Germany) and it succeeds the edition 2002 held in Bologna (Italy).

The 2004 Edition will be held in Chernogolovka, one of the most leader scientific centre of Russia. During the conference you’ll have a real chance to experience a unique atmosphere of Russian science.

Aim of the conference is to provide a forum on the current state of art of investigation and modelling of extended defects in semiconductors. Scientists from universities, research institutes and industries are invited to give their contribution to a deeper understanding of extended defects and their role in developments of semiconductor technology.

In the perspective of a major attention to the current technological interests, the improvement of wide-gap based devices for electronic and optoelectronic applications makes essential both monitoring and controlling extended defects.

Vitaly V. Kveder
Conference Chairperson