For over 30 years students from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) and Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys (MISA) have had an opportunity to study and work at ISSP. In 1996 Moscow Lomonosov State University (MSU) founded a new branch in the Scientific Center "Chernogolovka" in the Moscow District. Thus, students from the Physical Faculty of MSU joined those of MIPT and MISA.

Ten years later, in 2006, the branch in the Moscow District gave way to a new Faculty of Physical Chemistry (FPC) formed at MSU. Education at FPC is based on combination of basic university education and further specialization at active RAS research institutes in the Scientific Center "Chernogolovka". Now students from MIPT, MISA, the Physical Faculty and the Faculty of Physical Chemistry of MSU are studying at ISSP.

The fundamental education received by MIPT, MISA and MSU students at ISSP RAS offers excellent prospects for further scientific carrier in the field of physics and materials science. General subjects are studied during the first terms at the Faculty of General and Applied Physics at MIPT, the Faculties of Physics and Physical Chemistry of MSU in Moscow. Groups are formed on advice of the Scientific Center "Chernogolovka" RAS and supervised by the scientists of the Scientific Center which is beneficial for the quality of education.

At ISSP students study special subjects, undergo pre-graduation practical training and prepare diploma theses. The work in the research laboratories begins as soon as students start attending lectures at ISSP. Research work in the experienced and highly professional teams enables most students to have publications in high -class international scientific journals already by the time of graduation. After successful completion of the department course the students are admitted to the post-graduate school which is an essential feature of higher education provided by ISSP RAS. Postgraduates can continue their research work and prepare their PhD theses in the same or any other laboratory of ISSP. Their research work is financially supported by scientific grants.


Solid State Physics Department of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

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