Mobile installation for producing of a thermally splintered graphite sorbent


The problem of cleaning the water surface of spilled oil products is most actual for the mankind. The presently used sorbents such as activied coal, peat, and some other materials are characterized by a low absorption coefficient (1 g/g to 12 g/g) and are mixed with the water. That is why the collected oil products have to be buried into mines, chinks, or other underground capacities.

The installation and technology elaborated in the ISSP for producing of a thermally splintered graphite sorbent (TSGS) enable obtaining absorption coefficient values from 60 g/g to 100 g/g. Moreover, the TSGS is an absolutely hydrophobic material and collected oil products may be used as high effective fuel.

The TSGS is practically unfit for transportation both because of low filling density and fast degradation of absorptivity after thermal splintering of the initial graphite powder. That is why the installation for producing of such sorbent has to be mobile and used in the region of pollution.

The installation and technology are based on using hollow resistive composite Si-SiC heaters. The application of such type heaters permits one to provide high effective splintering of graphite at a relatively low temperature.

During the elaboration of this mobile installation it was necessary to ensure a high reliability of all its components and a possibility of fast assembling after the transportation to the region of the accident. The installation had to be provided with independent electric supply and water cooling systems.

The view of the mobile installation (without generator and transporting car) is shown in Fig.1. The produced installation is tested on the «East-West» oil-pipe line.

The furnace block includes 3 independent hollow heaters based on a composite Si-SiC material. The water vessel water is used to cool the copper electrodes. The only energy source is a generator (20KWA, 220/380V, 50Hz), mounted inside the transporting car.

The average productivity of the installation is 12 Kg of TSGS per hour.

Total weight (without generator) is 550 Kg.



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