Laboratory of Optical Strength and Diagnostics of Crystals (LOSDS)

Head: Nikolai V. Klassen

Tel: 2-46-94, e-mail

Main research directions:

  1. Collective interactions of structural defects in crystals.
  2. Optical diagnostics of electronic and oscillatory states of crystals with specific properties (fullerenes, photonic superstructures, high-temperature superconductors, scintillators, etc.).
  3. Investigation of processes of melt-crystallization, moulding, and compaction of solids for developing techniques of fabrication of optical, scintillatory, and construction elements with desired profiles and intrinsic properties.



Contact information

Tel.: 8(496)52 219-82
+7 906 095 4402

Fax: +7(496) 522 8160
8(496) 522 8160

Address: Institute of Solid State Physics RAS, Chernogolovka, Moscow District, 2 Academician Ossipyan str., 142432 Russia



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