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VIII International Astronomy Olympiad
Stockholm, Sweden, October 2/3 - 8, 2003.

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Brief information about results

The VIIIth International Astronomy Olympiad was organized on October 2/3 - 8, 2003 in Stockholm, Sweden at the Stockholm Observatory and Saltsjöbadens Samskola.

[Stockholm Observatory] The main organizer of the Olympiad was the Swedish section of the European Association for Astronomy Education; Saltsjöbadens Samskola, Stockholm Observatory and the Swedish National Space Board with a coordination of the Olympic Coordination Council of the EAAS.

Due to lack of enough financial support the dates of the Olympiad have been moved from initially proposed September 22-29 to shorter period in October.

Samskola] Autorized National Representative Astronomy Organizations (ANRAO) of the participating countries were authorized to form the teams of the Olympiad member-states.

There were 55 participants from 14 teams at the Olympiad:

    Moscow Land,
    and also observers from Ireland and Italy.

All foreign teams participating in the Olympiad were be met by local organizers at the Stockholm's airport Arlanda (if arriving by air) or at the ferry terminals of Silja/Viking Line (if arriving by ferry - team of Russian Federation).

Common photo of participants made by LOC on October 5, 2003.

As usual the official languages of the Olympiad were Russian and English. Problems were prepared by the Organizing Committee in these two languages and the the team leaders were responsible to translate tasks to native languages of participants just before the rounds (three hours before). Cultural programme of the Olympiad was mostly in English.

The place of lodging for the teams was Vandrarhem Zinkensdamm (a hostel at a central location in Stockholm, close to the Metro station Zinkensdamm, see red line at the Metro map of Stockholm).

The following information before the Olympiad was possible for the proposed participants and other astronomy amateurs interested in VIII IAO

Web-site of LOC, helpful information. E-mail of LOC.

Jury Board of the Olympiad:

Prizewinners of the Olympiad:


Li Zeng China I BR
Maria Kozlovskaia Moscow Land I BR
Asilata Bapat India I  
Sumit Shekhar India I  
Vadim Vybornov Russia I I  
Asutosh Sahu India I I  
Evan Gozali Indonesia I I  
Ignat Kalinov Bulgaria I I  
Andrey Chursin Russia I I  
Alexandre Pats Moscow Land I I  
Sara Mashhoun Iran I I I  
Yimang Li China I I I  
Bamdad Hosseini Iran I I I  
Xun Yu China I I I  
Andre Yohannes Wibisono Indonesia I I I  
Silva Michel Brazil I I I  
Stamatov Rumen Bulgaria I I I  
Kapocius Vytis Lithuania I I I  

Shriharsh Tendulkar India I BR
Mkrtich Soghomonyan Armenia I  
Sergey Alyamkin Russia I  
Rohan Chabukswar India I  
Zhirayr Avetisyan Armenia I BP
Radhika Marathe India I I  
Sergey Gureev Moscow Land I I  
Nikola Karavasilev Bulgaria I I  
Celistrino Teixeira Brazil I I  
Eko Widiatmoko Indonesia I I PI
Jinwoo Lee Korea I I I  
Xiangyi Luo China I I I  
Yue Liang China I I I  
Alexey Shtokolov Moscow Land I I I  
Artavazd Minasyan Armenia I I I  
Aleksandr Khulio Akosta Russia I I I  
Ki Hyun Kim Korea I I I  
Mohsen Ramezanpour Iran I I I  


Information about the International Astronomy Olympiad 2004 will be known in December 2003. The Olympic Coordinating Council will be glad to receive your proposals. According to Statutes on the Olympiad Autorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organizations may send applications for IAO-2004 hosting not later November 22, 2003.

    Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman of the International Astronomy Olympiad,
    ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute avenue 15, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

    fax: + 7-(096-52)-49-701

    Web-page prepared by M.G.Gavrilov and A.R.Vaesterberg

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