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The X International Astronomy Olympiad has been held in Beijing (China) on October 25 - November 2, 2005.

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X International Astronomy Olympiad
Beijing, China, October 25 - November 2, 2005.

Short information


There were 15 states participated in the X IAO:

  • brazil Brazil
  • bulgaria Bulgaria
  • china China & Beijing
  • estonia Estonia
  • india India
  • indonesia Indonesia
  • iran Iran
  • korea Korea
  • lithuania Lithuania
  • moscow land Moscow Land
  • romania Romania
  • russia Russia
  • serbia&montenegro Serbia and Montenegro
  • sweden Sweden
  • thailand Thailand
  • common photo
    Common photo of participants
  • Like at VII and VIII IAOs the host team (team of Beijing city) took part in the Olympiad as the 16th team.
  • Observers from Japan and Italy visited the Olympiad.
  • The 10th International Astronomy Olympiad has been held successfully in Beijing on October 25 - November 2, 2005. The dates were about the same as the first IAOs took place in SAO, but the duration and main schedule of the Olympiad were the same as previous year in Crimea. Arrival, first night (and previous 1-2 nights if necessary for some teams), opening ceremony was in the capital of China, city Beijing. After the opening ceremony, which was in Beijing Planetarium, i.e. in the afternoon on October 26 the teams have been delivered to the main place of the Olympiad - Huairou town in Beijing region, to the North from Beijing city. All the main events of the Olympiad have been arranged there. The teams returned to Beijing on November 1 before the opening ceremony.

    The International Astronomy Olympiad has been held in Europe and Caucasus for nine times, so the X IAO is its first time coming to East Asia. The Olympiad was hosted by Beijing Planetarium, with the supports of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Astronomical Society, Beijing Normal University, and so on. During this time, the Local Organising Committee arranged tours to Xinglong Observatory and Huairou Solar Observing Station, Beijing Ancient Observatory, Forbidden City, Great wall and some other places.

    Fourteen students won the first prizes in the Olympiad:

      • Abhishek Dang (India),
      • Jing Dong (China),
      • Viraj Deshpande (India),
      • Azadeh Fatahisavadjani (Iran),
      • Chenliang Huang (Beijing team),
      • Mehul Jain (India),
      • Wonseok Jang (Korea),
      • Ignat Kalinov (Bulgaria),
      • Andrey Popov (Moscow Land),
      • Ralph Silva (India),
      • Udbhav Singh (India),
      • Felipe Ferreira Villar Coelho (Brazil)
      • YoonChan Taak (Korea),
      • Yi Yang (Beijing team),
    including Mehul Jain (juniors) and Andrey Popov (seniors) reached the best results.

    The whole list of Winners and prizewinners of the Olympiad

    The Web-page of the X Olympiad before its organisation (information for possible participants)

    Schedule of the Olympiad:

    • Sunday-Monday, October 23-24 - Arriving of some teams to Beijing
    • Tuesday, October 25 - Day of arrival
    • Wednesday, October 26 - Day of opening ceremony
    • Thursday, October 27 - Day of observational round
    • Friday, October 28 - Day of the theoretical round
    • Saturday, October 29 - Day of excursion
    • Sunday, October 30 - Day of the practical round
    • Monday, October 31 - Rest day
    • Tuesday, November 1 - Day of closing ceremony
    • Wednesday, November 2 - Day of teams departure
    • Thursday, November 3 - Departure of some teams

    The realised programme of the X Olympiad (preliminary), to be later.

    Committees of the X IAO

    The Olympic Advisory Committee

  • M.G.Gavrilov (IAO Chairman) - Chairman,
  • J.Zhu (Beijing, X IAO-2005 LOC Chairman),
  • I.V.Salnikov (Simferopol', IX IAO-2004 LOC Chairman),
  • A.R.Vaesterberg (Stockholm, VIII IAO-2003 LOC Chairman).

    Local Organizing Committee

  • Jin Zhu (Beijing) - Chairman, jinzhu@bjp.org.cn, +86-10-51583002, +86-10-81424143, +86-10-13601369613.
  • Hairong Jing (Beijing) - vice-Chairman, hrjing@263.net, +86-10-51583068.
  • Ms. Dong Situ (Beijing) - vice-Chairman, std@bjp.org.cn, + 86-10-51583003.
  • Jian Li - vice-Chairman for scientific and methodical jobs, lijian@bjp.org.cn, +86-10-51583030.
  • Ms. Liang XIN (Beijing) , kimmy@bjp.org.cn, +86-10-51583007, fax: +86-10-68353003 (contact person for communication in English).
  • Ms. Xiaoxiao HONG (Beijing) , helenhong@mail.ru, +86-13693161136, (contact person for communication in Russian).

    Official postal address of the LOC:
    Ms. Dong Situ, Beijing Planetarium, No. 138 Xiwaidajie, Beijing 100044,
    China fax: +86-10-68353003.
    E-mails: std@bjp.org.cn, jinzhu@bjp.org.cn, bjtwg@msn.com.

    Final documentation of the Olympiad, documents to be sent by LOC [Still not fulfilled for all points. It is a rule and tradition of the International Astronomy Olympiad that Local Organising Committee prepare all the documentation (see the list in the reference) before the departure of the teams and so the teams have all necessary for local reports data just after the Olympiad (it was only one time of exception from this rule during the previous nine Olympiads). The teams are still waiting for common photos and some other the documents, even almost a year after...]

    Web-site of LOC, helpful information (still under construction). E-mail of LOC

    Weather forecast for Beijing

    Climate in Beijing

    Statutes on the Olympiad

    Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad.

    For those who wants to send a team to the next Olympiads

    Updated 24.09.2006.

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