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The International Astronomy Olympiad

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XIII International Astronomy Olympiad

Trieste (Italy), October 13-21, 2008.

Information before the Olympiad

Observatory of Trieste
LOC Web-site



    • Deadlines

      • Answers and proposals for future of IAO rules.
        Voting by ANRAOs and points of view of team leaders of every participating country about some proposals to discuss about future of IAO rules (published on March 27, 2008) should be sent not later:

      • Pre-application. Short reports.
        As an obligatory preparing for the application a short report of National Olympiad of the current year has to be presented by the applicating team (see the necessary actual points of the report, its form and examples in the Supplementary Instructions N 10). The report with texts of all problems used during all-national stages (including ones during the possible preparing camps) of the National Olympiad should be done in one of the official languages of the Olympiad (Russian or English). The final minutes (protocols written in Latin or Cyrillic) of the Olympiad (evaluating of solutions of the students participated in the last stage of the Olympiad) should be included as well.
        For the countries, starting their activity at the International Astronomy Olympiad (see the Supplementary Instructions N 3), the requirements for the short report are not strong.
        According to the IAO-regulations the report to be presented 5 weeks before the application. Pre-application is desirable together with the short report.
        According to the information above the deadline for receiving the short reports of Nationals Olympiads of the current year (with a set of all problems used on the National Olympiads) is defined as 13 plus 5 = 18 weeks before the Olympiad:
      • Resolution.
        Not later than in five weeks after receiving the report (as usual - earlier) the Chairman of the Olympic Advisory Committee will issue resolution about possibility for the country to send full (or not full) team to the IAO (i.e. solution about the representation quota: according to # 5.2.1. or to # 5.2.2. of the Statutes/Regulations the team may be form). In cases the decision for some team is not clear the Chairman organizes discussion in the Olympic Advisory Committee for the common issue.
        After receiving the resolution ANRAO may send application.

      • Applications. Personal data for visas.

    • The main points for formation of the teams

      • 4.5.1. The Olympiad participants are not supposed to study at any institutions of higher education (university or school which can be considered technical colleges). Students who finished their school examination in the year of the Olympiad cannot be members of a team even if they did not start university studies.
    • The (age) groups are defined by rules 4.5.2-4., i.e.:
      • 4.5.2. The junior group (conjunction of all points):
        • Students, never participated in IAOs before.
        • Participants not older than 15.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1993 or later).
        • The last Form educating student cannot participate in the junior group.
      • 4.5.3. The senior group:
        • For the students never or one time participated in IAOs: Participants not older than 17.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1991 or later).
        • For the students participated in IAOs more than one time: Participants not older than 16.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1992 or later).
        • The last Form educating student may participate only in the senior group.
        • Exception may be done for the first time participating in IAOs students. Every team may have one first time participating in IAOs student whose age is 1 year older than it postulated by # (i.e. born in 1990).
      • 4.5.4. Participants of the both groups must be not younger than 14.00 years on December 31, 2008 (i.e. born before not later 1994).
    • National representation quota at IAO-2008 is (up to) 5 students and 2 team leaders: not more than 3 participants for the younger group, not more than 2 participants for the senior group. Observers are welcome as well.
    • In the case of absence of a National team from a country, the regions, cities and towns or individuals of this country state are responsible (by a special permission) to take part in the 13th IAO.
    • National Astronomy Olympic Committees and interested organizations are welcome to ask more about the 13th International Astronomy Olympiad.



    Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman and Coordinator of the International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO)
    ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute avenue 15, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

    URL: http://www.issp.ac.ru/iao/2008/
    e-mail: gavrilov@issp.ac.ru
    fax: + 7-(496-52)-49-701

    Updated 06.06.2008.