Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
The International Astronomy Olympiad

The 1st Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad

Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia       411. XII. 2005.


Second announcement

September 10, 2005.

The 1st Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad will held in Siberia (Asian part of Russian Federation) on December 4-11, 2005, a month later than the 10th IAO in Beijing). Among three Siberian cities which were ready to organise the Olympiad city of Irkutsk (near Baikal lake) won this right.

Siberian Organizing Committee is kindly invite countries of the region to this Olympiad, which to be held as a regional programme in line with the International Astronomy Olympiad.

The main points for the teams formation:

  • Only students did not participated at the IAO-2005 may participate in the APAO-2005 (that is a student may participate in the 10th IAO in Beijing or in the 1st APAO in Siberia but not in both of these Olympiads).
  • For the 1st APAO the (age) group of participants to be the same as proposed for IAO since 2006. i.e.:
  • Some reasonable exceptions may be done by the IAO Chairman for actual requests from team leaders.
  • National representation quota at APAO-2005 is (up to) 8 students and 2 team leaders (the same number is at the Asian Physics Olympiad): not more than 4 participants for the younger group, not more than 4 participants for the senior group. (For the 1st APAO this quota is for every country without additional demands, later rules to be analogous to the #5.2. of the IAO Statutes.) Observers are welcome as well.
  • In the case of absence of a National team from a country, the regions, cities and towns or individuals of this country state are responsible (by a permission) to take part in the 1st APAO.
  • The main points of the programme of the Olympiad proposed to be the following:

  • Friday December 2
  • Saturday December 3
  • Sunday December 4
  • Monday December 5
  • Tuesday December 6
  • Wednesday December 7
  • Thusday December 8
  • Friday December 9
  • Saturday December 10
  • Sunday December 11
  • Monday December 12
  • Tuesday December 13
  • We hope teams from traditional participating in IAO countries and territories (China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Thailand, Asian part of Russia) to take part in the 1st APAO. May be teams from Central Asian countries of CIS, Mongolia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and territories will arrive as well. Observers are welcome to the Olympiad as well.

    The third announcement about the 1st APAO (with the deadlines) to be presented a few weeks later, in the late September - October. We hope the National Astronomy Olympic Committees already started to form the teams to the 1st APAO in Siberia.

    The official APAO e-mail is a p a o [a] l i s t . r u .

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