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The 2nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad

Vladivostok, December 2006.


Third announcement - preliminary deadlines

August 26, 2006,
updated September 7, 2006.

The 2nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad to be held in Vladivostok and Ussurijsk (Far East of Russian Federation).

Preliminary dates for the 2nd Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad are December 4-11 (a couple weeks later than the 11th IAO in Bombay). The actual dates will be chosen according to the most usefull day of week for international flights to/from Vladivostok (preliminary it is Monday).

Just the schedule of the flights is not clear for December, current schedule (valid till October 28) is: from Beijing (arr. 14:40), Seoul (arr. 14:20), Busan (arr. 18:30), Osaka (arr. 17:20), Toyama (arr. 16:30) and to Beijing (dep. 08:05), Seoul (dep. 16:20), Busan (dep. 13:00), Osaka (dep. 13:30), Toyama (dep. 13:10). The details of the arrival and departure have to be discussed with the Local Organizing Committee.

The main points for formation of the teams are announced in the previous announcement.

Deadlines (preliminary proposed):

  • A report of National Olympiad is not necessary for the first APAOs.

  • The deadline for receiving the applications from teams:

  • Preliminary: for the case the Olympiad to be on December 4-11:
    Teams may stay in Vladivostok since two days before before December 4 and two days later December 11, i.e. it is possible to arrive since December 2 and depart not later December 13. Earlier arrivals or later departures are not possible.
    The main points of the programme of the Olympiad proposed to be the following:

  • Saturday December 2
  • Sunday December 3
  • Monday December 4
  • Tuesday December 5
  • Wednesday December 6
  • Thusday December 7
  • Friday December 8
  • Saturday December 9
  • Sunday December 10
  • Monday December 11
  • Tuesday December 12
  • Wednesday December 13
  • The fourth announcement about the 2nd APAO to be presented in September. National Astronomy Olympic Committees and interested organizations are welcome to ask more about the 2nd APAO.

    The official APAO e-mail is a p a o [a] l i s t . r u .

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