Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
The International Astronomy Olympiad

China . Indonesia . Kazakhstan . Kirgizstan . Korea . Kuwait . Russia . Singapore . Vietnam

The IV Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad

Bishkek, Kirgizstan         16-23. XI. 2008.



The main points for formation of the teams

The IV Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (November 16-23, 2008):

  • 4.5.1. The Olympiad participants are not supposed to study at any institutions of higher education (university or school which can be considered technical colleges). Students who finished their school examination in the year of the Olympiad cannot be members of a team even if they did not start university studies.
  • Only students did not participated at the IAO-2008 may participate in the APAO-2008 (that is a student may participate in the XIII IAO or in the IV APAO but not in both of these Olympiads).
  • For the IV APAO the (age) group of participants to be analogous to IAO groups, rules 4.5.2-4. to be used (alpha group - "juniors" and beta group - "seniors"), i.e.:
    • 4.5.2. The junior group:
      • Students, never participated in IAOs or APAOs before.
      • Participants not older than 15.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1993 or later).
      • The last Form educating student cannot participate in the junior group.
    • 4.5.3. The senior group:
      • For the students never or one time participated in IAOs or APAOs: Participants not older than 17.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1991 or later).
      • For the students participated in IAOs more than one time: Participants not older than 16.00 years on January 1, 2008 (i.e. born in 1992 or later).
      • The last Form educating student may participate only in the senior group.
    • 4.5.4. Participants of the both groups must be not younger than 14.00 years on December 31, 2008 (i.e. born before not later 1994).
  • Some reasonable exceptions may be done by the IAO Chairman for actual requests from team leaders.
  • The number of contestants for every team (national representation quota) at APAO-2008 is (up to) 8 students (the same number is at the Asian Physics Olympiad): not more than 4 participants for the younger group, not more than 4 participants for the senior group. (For the IV APAO this quota is for every country without additional demands, later rules to be analogous to the #5.2. of the IAO Statutes.)
  • Every team should be accompanied by two team leaders. Participation with the only team leader or with larger number of team leaders is forbidden. Both team leaders and observers should be specialists in astronomy or astronomy education and be well experienced in leading teams of students for remote trips. See the requirements in the # 5.3. of IAO Statutes One of the leaders invited from each state is designated delegation head and is responsible for the whole delegation. The other is the pedagogical leader and is obliged to take part in work of the jury (see # 7.5. of IAO Statutes) and so to meet necessary for jury member requirements. Observers are welcome as well.
  • In the case of absence of a National team from a country, the regions, cities and towns or individuals of this country state are responsible (by a permission) to take part in the IV APAO.
  • National Astronomy Olympic Committees and interested organizations are welcome to ask more about the IV APAO and in 2008 may form the teams not only to the XIII IAO but also to the IV APAO.

    The official APAO e-mail is a p a o [a] l i s t . r u .


    Applications and deadlines

    The dates of the IV Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad are November 16-23. The details of the arrival and departure have to be discussed with the Local Organizing Committee.

    Applications should be done in advance for the Olympic Advisory Committee. Application includes:

  • Excel file (the application itself).
  • Personal data of all proposed team leaders and participants.
  • A report of National Olympiad is not necessary for the first APAOs.
  • Deadlines:

  • The deadline for preliminary information from countries that they are participating: September 1, 2008.
    (After this time the point "in the case of absence information from ANRAO of the country, provinces, towns and individuals may send applications to OCC to represent their country at APAO" is coming into operation.)

  • The deadline for receiving the applications from teams:

    • For the teams which ask for Kyrgyzstan visa - together with the personal data for visas (or before).
      E-mails for sending the applications. Please, use all three e-mails.

        Please, take into account that large time is necessary for preparing invitations for visas, so:

      • Usual way to have invitations for visa.
        The official deadline for receiving application and all personal data: September 15, 2008.
        E-mails for sending the personal data. Please, use all three e-mails.

      • Special way.
        The deadline and (additional) special requirements should be discussed with the Local Organizing Committee. Larger fees.
        E-mails for consultations.

    • For the teams which do not ask for Kyrgyzstan visa:


    The next announcement about the IV APAO to be presented in October. National Astronomy Olympic Committees and interested organizations are welcome to ask more about the IV APAO.

      Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman and Coordinator of the Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (APAO)
      ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute street 2, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

      fax: + 7-(496-52)-49-701