Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
The International Astronomy Olympiad

China . Indonesia . Irkutsk region . Kazakhstan . Kirgizstan . Korea . Kuwait . Russia . Singapore . Taiwan . Thailand . Vietnam

The V Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad

Damyang (South Western part of Korea)         7-14. X. 2009.


Accommodation fees

The accommodation fees for the V APAO:

  • If the application is adopted not later than August 30th:

    Team fee: 380. Euro/team
    Students and first team leader: 380. Euro/person
    Pedagogical leaders (jury members): 0. Euro
    Observers: 760. Euro/person

  • If the application is adopted later than August 30th, the fees are larger.

  • The fee covers the board, lodging, transportation, excursions, sport, ceremonial, and general organization expenses since 12:00 October 7th till 12:00 October 14th.

  • Supplement fee for extra days (before 12:00 of October 7th or after 12:00 of October 14th):
    Students and team leaders: 40. Euro/person/day
    Observers: 80. Euro/person/day
    Maximum additional days of stay have to be coordinated with LOC. Two days before and two days after the Olympiad are possible in the Damyang Youth Camp (i.e. since 12:00 October 5th till 12:00 October 7th and since 12:00 October 14th till 12:00 October 16th).

  • The fees are to be paid cash the first day of accommodation.

  • National Astronomy Olympic Committees and interested organizations are welcome to ask more about the V APAO.

    The official APAO e-mail is a p a o [a] l i s t . r u .



      Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Founding Chairman and Coordinator of the Asian-Pacific Astronomy Olympiad (APAO)
      ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute street 2, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

      fax: + 7-(496-52)-49-701