Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
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National Astronomy Olympiads
Home Pages (if any) of the States, presented on the past IAO's (incl. preliminary ones):

      Armenia Armenia
      Bangladesh Bangladesh
      Belorussia Belarus
      Brazil Brazil
      Bulgaria Bulgaria
      China China
      Crimean peninsula Crimea
      Croatia Croatia
      Czechia Czechia
      Estonia Estonia
      India India
      Indonesia Indonesia
      Iran Iran
      Ireland Ireland
      Italy Italy
      Japan Japan
      Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
      Kirgizia Kirgizia
      Korea Korea
      Latvia Latvia
      Lithuania Lithuania
      Moscow Land Moscow Land
      Romania Romania
      Russia Russia
      Serbia Serbia
      Sweden Sweden
      Thailand Thailand
      Ukraine Ukraine

References to Home Pages of other National Astronomy Olympiads are welcome.

General Rules for organization and holding of the National Astronomy Olympiads.

Those who are interested to get further information about these activities are welcome to contact organizers in English or Russian.

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