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information in Russian language
The information in Russian
According to the # 7.1. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad there should be an Authorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organization (ANRAO) in every participating state: A national astronomical society, a department (section) of the EAAS or IAU in the state, a leading observatory, an astronomical department of a leading university, a ministry of education or another appropriate competent institution. Hereafter, the term of National Astronomical Society is used in the meaning stated above.
For the countries which territories send two teams to the International Astronomy Olympiads (like Moscow land and other territories of Russian Federation or Crimean peninsula and other territory of Ukrainian state) there should be separate ANRAOs for every participating in IAO part (territory) of the country. Institution, which one belongs or relates to one territory of the country, cannot be ANRAO for other territory. It the case the ANRAO-organization is all-national (relates to all country), only the members of the organization that belong or relate to the actual part of country are responsible for ANRAO issues (have the rights and duties).
An astronomical organization of a state which claims to be the Authorized National Representative (Astronomy) Organization has to send an application (see formalities below) to the Olympic Coordinating Council (# 7.2.) signed by the Chairman of the organization. It is necessary to mention in the application the names of the persons responsible to contact in Russian and in English. Some documents (including translation set of of some official IAO documents into native language) have to be included to the application.
ANRAO is responsible for translation IAO documents into languages necessary for National institutions. Particularly ANRAO translates texts of "Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad" and Supplement Instructions from English into National languages.
In the case the only organization of the state claims to be the Authorized National Representative Organization the juridical power of the organization to be ANRAO started since the date of receiving the formalities by the Olympic Coordinating Council (# 7.2.) and till not more than for 4 years (shorter period may be mentioned in the application) since the date of issuing the application. Prolongation should be done by a confirmation or a new application.
In very special cases (like serious changing in the IAO statutes) the EAAS may cancel validity of all previous applications (even if formally they are not expired) and demand every ANRAO to issue new version of the application.
In the case two or several astronomical organizations (two or more astronomical societies, two universities, etc.) of the state claim to be the Authorized National Representative Organization the preference should be given to the organization that organizes national astronomy olympiads/competitions. Points at issue should be determined by a Decree of the EAAS Board.
An Authorized National Representative (Astronomy) Organization has to organize National Astronomy Olympiad, form the team of the state to participate in IAO, prepare annual report about National Olympiad to IAO, prepare application to participate in coming IAO, etc.
The rule has came on 01.01.2010 into operation. The official web-site of the organization which is being ANRAO, should contain the information that the organization has taken up the duties of ANRAO. In case of absence of an official web-site of the organization, this information should be displayed on official site of higher organization. The web-site or web-page should contain also the full information on how formation of the team of the country the International Astronomy Olympiad is made, and the information for any student of the country (potentially having rights to participate in IAO) how and in what stages should he or she participate to be in selection process for the country's team to IAO.
In the case two or several persons of an actual ANRAO send any different information about the same situations in the National Olympic Movement, the Olympic Coordinating Council (# 7.2.) have to communicate only with the Chairman of the organization or his/her deputy (the person signed the ANRAO application) for all problems concern the country's participation in IAO.

Formalities of the applicating are the following:

There should be The "Authorised National Representative (Astronomy) 
Organisation" in every participating country (according to # 7.1. 
of the Olympic Statutes: ).

The astronomical (or other scientific-educational) organisation 
which claim to be the Authorised National Representative 
(Astronomical) Organisation has to send an application to the 
Olympic Coordinating Council signed by the Chairman of the 
organization or his/her deputy (i.e. only by representative officials of 
the Organisation, for example, secretary's signature is not valid 
for this case; also signature of head of a department of an organization
is not valid if the application concerns the whole organization) 
that the Organisation takes obligations to represent 
the country in the IAO according to the "Acting Statutes/Regulations 
on the International Astronomy Olympiad" (including fulfillment all 
obligations of the "Authorised National Representative Astronomical 
Organisation (ANRAO)").

The application should be done in one of the official languages of
the Olympiad: Russian or English.

The following data should be in the application:
1. Official postal address of the organisation, phone, fax, email,
web-site (if any).
2. Official person responsible to fulfill jobs with the International
Astronomy Olympiad and to sign official papers issued by ANRAO
(postal address, phone, fax, email).
3. Official conact person for communication in Russian language
(postal address, phone, fax, email).
4. Official conact person for communication in English language.
(postal address, phone, fax, email).

Person for p.2 have to be different from the person signed
the application.
The same person for pp.2-4 or pp.3-4 is possible.

Application has to have a juridical power, i.e. to be in a form of 
colour headed notepaper with a stamp, date of issue and registered 
issuing number.

Translation from English to Native language of rules for a jury 
memeber is necessary to be presented with the application. Please, 
ask OCC Chairman this document in English (3-4 pages).