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The Supplementary Instructions N 3

Supplementary Instructions N 3
in Russian (not ready now)

It is a short issue of the Supplementary Instructions N 3 - actually for IAO-2005

Participants. Groups of participants. General (# 4.5. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations) and temporal (according to # 4.5.8. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations) rules valid for 2005:

  • 4.5.1. [Since founding of the Olympiad] The Olympiad participants are not supposed to study at any institutions of higher education (university or school which can be considered technical colleges). Students who finished their school examination in the year of the Olympiad cannot be members of a team even if they did not start university studies.
  • [Since founding of the Olympiad] School children of two groups take part in the Olympiad. These groups are defined by the following:
  • 4.5.2. The junior group:
  • 4.5.3. The senior group:
  • 4.5.4. [Since Olympiad 2005] Participants of the both groups must be not younger than 14.00 years on December 31st of the year of the Olympiad (i.e. born before December 31, 1991).

  • 4.5.5. [Since Olympiad 2003] A student who once win I or II Diploma at the IAO may participate later in IAO only one time more.
  • [Since Olympiad 2004 till Olympiad 2005] A student who once win I or II Diploma at the IAO may participate later only in the senior group (even if his/her age allows him/her to be a junior).
  • 4.5.6. [Since Olympiad 2003] A student who win I or II Diploma at the Nth IAO may use the permission to take part out of quota when he/she wish: at (N + 1)th or (N + 2)th or later till age limit allows. But according to previous point this possibility may be used only one time.

  • 5.3. [Since Olympiad 2005] There must be exactly two team leaders in every team. Participation with the only team leader or with larger number of team leaders is forbidden.
  • 5.3. [Since founding of the Olympiad] It is recommended that team leaders to be be at least 26 y.o. (Note: LOC may use this restriction as an official limitation).
  • For the initial period of the Olympiad (1996-2007) in order to popularisation the Olympiad the following temporal rules of forming the country's teams are established:

    Those who are interested to get further information about the Olympiad are welcome to contact the Advisory Olympic Committee in English or Russian.

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