Rules and Regulations for a participant of the Olympiad

There is an obligation of team leaders to translate these rules and regulations to native language of participants in advance.
(Starting since 2004 this translation has to be done in written form as an obligatory part of application to the International Astronomy Olympiad.)

General information and recommendations:

The work must be carried out independently.

Dont write the conditions of problem in rough copy or clean copy.

Languages. It is permitted to write solutions in one of three languages: native language or one of two official languages. Nevertheless numerical values must be written using standard symbols but not symbols of National alphabet.

Languages. All additional information for participants to be done in both official languages of the Olympiad: in Russian and in English. It is helpful to know basis of one of these languages for correct understanding the additional information.

Questions to supervisors during of rounds. Pay the especially attention to what a question you wish ask. Take into consideration that your question will be repeated for all participants as well as answer. A question of the type Whether some effect must be taken into account? means, very often, that you understood the idea of task; or mentioned effect is must essential part of the task.

Personal indication. Before starting the work it is necessary to indicate the surname, name, patronymic, town, school, class and other individual data of participant at answer sheet. All there data are indicated on cover of the answer sheet only.

Rough copy. If you havent time to rewrite solution (or a part of solution) in your clean copy, please make a note see rough copy in Russian or English by accurate printed characters. But the index number of the task must be indicated in clean copy, and also a reference to rough copy. Without such reference rough copy dont verified. Considerations that you gave into account of rough copy are evaluated in such degree that they dont contradict to final solution in clean copy. In particular if solutions in clean copy and in rough copy are different, then clean copy is evaluated only.

The index numbers of tasks must be distinguished clearly in rough copy as well as in final version. You must separate solution of one task from solution of another one with intervals of 5 cm minimum.

If you have enough time, please try to describe clearly the physical or other model that you chose, and all approximates, neglects, etc. Dont omit description of thoughts that look as obvious. Take into consideration that written solution is evaluated only. Your thoughts that dont reflected in writing will not be evaluated even they are very right.

When you give solution of qualitative task, you must give the ground for your solution. Brief answer such as yes, no, dont changed are not solution. Please think what quantitative criteria can be used for the ground of your thoughts.

Pay attention to understand the question of the task. For example, if it is asked to find radius of a star then answer a diameter of a tar is equal... is not completely right.

Pay attention to use symbols done in the task. For example, if it is written Find distance P in perihelion do not use LP for this distance. Also do not use the same symbol for different value (do not use P also for power in the case above).

The sheet with the conditions of tasks you can take with yourself after finishing of a round only, but if you made some geometrical sketches on the drawings in the task, then it will be better to return the sheet with task together with your clean copy (in this case you cant write any data about yourself on the sheet with task as well).

What is forbidden:

To write anything (beginning solution) on the first white page of clean copy (having the stamp of the coordinating council). This page is intended for the work of a jury.

To talk with other participants of Olympiad and ask questions.

To use reference books, textbooks, any other books, tables, catalogue etc., if such items were not given to participant together with task.

To bring to the round portable computers, mobile phones, navigation devices and other electronic means, and also calculators, which ones on exterior resemble mobile phones.

To take calculations as well as write rough solutions and anything at all on own sheets that differ from given by organizers.

To remove any page from the answer sheet copy-book.

To use red colour pen or pencil anywhere in the solution.

To write anything on the envelopes done with texts.

To make changes in the work after time for solution is up.

To ask teacher a question connected with used formulae, constant values, and also questions of type: Is it necessary to take into consideration certain effect?

To make any superfluous noise (for example, from unwrap chocolate etc.)

To finish the work and leave classroom earlier than 2 hours after beginning of a round expire.

To come out classroom temporarily more than one participant simultaneously.

What is permitted:

To write solutions of tasks in clean copy in arbitrary sequence.

To use sliding rule, computational tables, engineering calculator with arithmetical, algebraical and trigonometrical functions (except calculators, which ones on exterior resemble mobile phones).

To use penholder, pencil, ruler, protractor, compasses, squared paper, tracing-paper (if it is necessary).

What is recommended:

To make all intermediate calculations, transformation symbol aspect, and substitute by number values in end only it will diminish a probability of an error in final answer.

To avoid use facts (numerical values, formulae, etc.) known to you, which may be not evident for jury members. Better to receive them from more evident values and formulae.

To use in solutions only the numerals as sub-indexes: it will be better for jury to understanding the differences in the designations.

To separate formulae and explanation texts with intervals (about 1 cm).

If you introduce symbols for the designation of some quantity, you must explain clearly this quantity. For example: Let us E will be total energy of the celestial body... This way will make easier a mutual understanding between you and jury member that examines your work.


We wish you success !


IAO 2001 Crimea, IAO 2002 SAO, IAO 2003 Stockholm, Organizing committee, jury.
IAO 2004 Crimea, IAO 2005 Beijing, APAO 2005 Irkutsk,
2006 Mumbai, APAO-2006 Vladivostok, IAO-2007 Crimea,
APAO-2007 Xiamen, IAO-2008 Trieste, APAO 2008 Bishkek,
APAO 2009 Damyang, IAO 2009 Hangzhou, IAO 2010 Crimea,
APAO 2010 Papua, IAO 2011 Alma-Ata, APAO 2011 Aktobe, IAO 2012 Gwangju.