Professor Sergei T. Mileiko

Institute of Solid State Physics

Chief Scientist


Professor Sergei T. Mileiko is a well known expert in the field of fracture mechanics and fabrication technology of composite materials, a founder of a new scientific direction - technological mechanics of composites. His research has been focusing on metal and ceramic based composites.

Four items among his scientific results should be specially noted

·         A possibility to organize a structure of a brittle-fibre/metal-matrix composite, which are characterized by  increasing both strength  and fracture toughness with increasing volume fraction of brittle fibre.

·         A new method of producing oxide fibre to provide a basis for development of high temperature composite materials.

·         A new fabrication technology of boron/aluminum tube and shells.

·         A way to develop high temperature composites with refractory metal matrix characterized by an appropriate balance of creep resistance, fracture toughness and oxidation resistance.

·         A new method to produce carbon-fibre/titanium-matrix composites.

S.T. Mileiko founded Laboratory of Reinforced Systems in Institute of Solid State Physics, which has a good reputation in the world composite community. In the Soviet times, he founded a chair of composite mechanics in Moscow Physical-Technical Institute and was managing the char for 10 years.

In 2002, he was elected as an Overseas Fellow of the Churchill College, Cambridge University.

S.T. Mileiko wrote book Metal and Ceramic Based Composites, Elsevier, 1997; he is co-author of Yu.N. Rabotnov in book Short-Time Creep, published in Russian in 1970 by Nauka, Moscow.

S.T. Mileiko is author of about 150 papers in peer-reward journals; he delivered a large number of invited talks at international conferences.

In 2009, he founded journal Composites and Nanostructures and since then has been its Editor-in-Chief; a member of editorial board of Composites Science and Technology, Applied Composites Materiales, Mechanics of Composites, Deformation and Fracture of Materials and some others.

S.T. Mileiko was a member of Councils of European Society for Composite Materials and European Society for Experimental Mechanics.