Journal of Surface Investigation.
X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques

Vol. 2, No. 5, 2008

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XV Russian Symposium on Scanning Electron Microscopy
and Analytical Methods of Investigation of Solids (REM-2007)
(Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials,
Russian Academy of Sciences; Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography,
Russian Academy of Sciences; and Scientific Committee of Russian Academy of Sciences
on Electron Microscopy; Chernogolovka, Russia, 2007)

Structure of Ba0.7Sr0.3TiO3 Films Grown by Chemical Solution Deposition on Polycor Substrates

O. M. Zhigalina, K. A. Vorotilov, D. N. Khmelenin, and A. S. Sigov p. 677  abstract

Atomic Force Microscopy of the Mirror Cleavage Surface of Defect TGS Crystals

N. V. Belugina, R. V. Gainutdinov, and A. L. Tolstikhina p. 683  abstract

EBIC Investigations of GaN Layers Prepared by Epitaxial Lateral Overgrowth

P. S. Vergeles, A. V. Govorkov, A. Ya. Polyakov, N. B. Smirnov, and E. B. Yakimov p. 688  abstract

Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Ferroelectric Films of P(VDFframe0TrFE) Copolymer
and Composites Based on It

A. V. Solnyshkin, D. A. Kiselev, A. A. Bogomolov, A. L. Kholkin,
W. Künstler, and R. Gerhard
p. 692  abstract

Study of High-Porous Silica Surface by Atomic Force Microscopy

S. N. Kokorin, E. A. Sosnov, and A. A. Malygin p. 696  abstract

Features of Sample Preparation and Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Dispersed Nanomaterials

E. A. Sosnov and A. A. Malygin p. 699  abstract

Epitaxial Growth of CeO2 on Silicon and Distribution of Element Concentration at the Interface

V. G. Beshenkov, A. G. Znamenskii, and V. A. Marchenko p. 705  abstract

On the Choice of Initial Approximation in the Problem of Parameter Identification
of Direct-Gap Semiconductors by Cathodoluminescence Microscopy

Yu. E. Gagarin, N. N. Mikheev, A. N. Polyakov, and M. A. Stepovich p. 709  abstract

Structure, Properties, and Formation Models of Optical Ceramics

M. Sh. Akchurin, R. V. Gainutdinov, R. M. Zakalyukin, and A. A. Kaminskii p. 716  abstract

Features in Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Dielectric Surfaces

A. L. Tolstikhina, R. V. Gainutdinov, M. L. Zanaveskin, K. L. Sorokina,
N. V. Belugina, and Yu. V. Grishchenko
p. 722  abstract

Effect of Sample Contamination in SEMs on Linear Size Measurements

Yu. V. Larionov, V. B. Mityukhlyaev, and M. N. Filippov p. 727  abstract

Influence of a Lubricant Modified with Fine-Dispersed -Sialon on a Steel Surface Structure
under Friction Loading

E. N. Volnyanko, S. F. Ermakov, and V. A. Smurugov p. 738  abstract

Analysis of the Adhesion Strength of the Composite Coating Based
on a Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Polymer Matrix
with a Fine-Dispersed Aluminum Filler

N. M. Antonova and V. I. Kulinich p. 744  abstract

Comparison of Autoemission Properties of Tungsten/n- and p-Type Semiconductor Systems

N. V. Egorov, L. I. Antonova, and S. P. Antonov p. 748  abstract

Effect of Partial Recovery of Zinc Surface at Room Temperature after Basal Plane Indentation

P. V. Kuznetsov, I. V. Petrakova, and N. P. Beketov p. 751  abstract

Mineral Nanoparticles in Dispersed Soils

V. N. Sokolov, M. S. Chernov, V. G. Shlykov, O. V. Razgulina,
D. I. Yurkovets, and V. V. Krupskaya p. 759  abstract

Quantum Size Effect during the Electron Exchange between a Negative Hydrogen Ion
and a Cluster of Aluminum Atoms

A. A. Magunov, D. K. Shestakov, I. K. Gainullin, and I. F. Urazgil’din p. 764  abstract

Theoretical Permittivity Spectra of Isoelectronic Ge, GaAs, ZnSe, and CuBr Crystals

A. I. Kalugin and V. V. Sobolev p. 768  abstract

Spectra of the Complete Set of CdBr2 Optical Functions in a Broad Energy Range of 3 to 30 eV

E. V. Baranova, A. I. Kalugin, V. V. Sobolev, and V. Val. Sobolev p. 772  abstract

Fine Structure of the Diffraction Image of an Edge Dislocation
in High-Resolution Section Topography

E. V. Suvorov and I. A. Smirnova p. 777  abstract

Infrared Spectroscopic Characterization of the Properties of Oxide Films Grown
on Zr Surfaces Doped under Ion-Beam Irradiation in a Vapor
frame1Water Medium

B. A. Kalin, N. V. Volkov, and I. V. Oleinikov p. 783  abstract

Plasmon Model for Excitation of Secondary Atoms
in Ion Sputtering (Comparison with Electron-Exchange Models)

N. N. Nikitenkov p. 787  abstract

Al/Nb Interface Study Based on the Analysis of the Energy Spectra of Reflected Electrons

V. P. Afanas’ev, A. V. Lubenchenko, and A. B. Pavolotskii p. 790  abstract

Grazing Incidence Off-Plane Lamellar Grating as a Beam Splitter for a 1-Å Free Electron Laser

L. I. Goray p. 796  abstract

Spectra of Characteristic Losses and the Electronic Structure of Sodium Nitrite

A. I. Kalugin, V. V. Sobolev, S. G. Iskhakova, and V. Val. Sobolev p. 801  abstract

Synchrotron Reflectivity Spectrum, Characteristic Electron Losses,
and Electronic Structure of TlCl

V. V. Sobolev, A. I. Kalugin, V. N. Kostenkov, and V. Val. Sobolev p. 806  abstract

Influence of Low-Energy Ion Treatment on the Roughness of Glassceramic,
Alumina, and Quartz Substrates

V. M. Vetoshkin and P. N. Krylov p. 811  abstract

Electrolytes in Etching of Latent Tracks of Heavy Ions in Polyethylene Terephthalate

A. I. Vilensky, Yu. K. Kochnev, S. V. Vlasov, and B. V. Mchedlishvili p. 814  abstract


Svetlana Ivanovna Zheludeva (1948–2008) p. 817