JETP Letters -- April 25, 1986 -- Volume 43, Issue 8 pp. 488-491

Oscillations in the photoconductivity of n-GaAs with monochromatic infrared illumination in a magnetic field

V. N. Zverev and D. V. Shovkun
Institute of Solid State Physics, Academy of Sciences of the USSR

The curve of the photoconductivity of n-GaAs versus the magnetic field during monochromatic infrared illumination reveals oscillations consisting of two series of extrema which are periodic along the inverse-field scale. One series of extrema stems from the nonmonotonic field dependence of the impurity magnetoabsorption coefficient, the other stems from a sharp step in the distribution function of nonequilibrium electrons.

PACS: 72.40.+w, 72.80.Ey, 78.20.Ls