Laboratory of Internal Boundaries in Metals








Most important results

Papers - 2009 -

1. C.-H. Yeh, L.-S. Chang, B.B. Straumal
The study on the solidus line in Sn-rich region of SnIn phase diagram
J. Phase Equilbria & Diff. 30 (2009) 254257 PDF

2. B.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, S.G. Protasova, S.V. Dobatkin, A.O. Rodin, B. Baretzky, D. Goll, G. Schütz
FeC nanograined alloys obtained by high pressure torsion: Structure and magnetic properties
Mater. Sci. Eng. A 503 (2009) 185189 PDF

3. B.B. Straumal, B. Baretzky, A.A. Mazilkin, S.G. Protasova, A.A. Myatiev, P.B. Straumal
Increase of Mn solubility with decreasing grain size in ZnO
J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 29 (2009) 19631970 PDF

4. B.B. Straumal, A.S. Gornakova,V.G. Sursaeva, V.P. Yashnikov
Second-order faceting-roughening of the tilt grain boundary in zinc
Int. J. Mater. Res. (Zt. Metallkd.) 100 (2009)

5. B.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, S.G. Protasova, A.A. Myatiev, P.B. Straumal, G. Schütz, P.A. van Aken, E. Goering, B. Baretzky
Grain-boundary induced high Tc-ferromagnetism in pure and doped nanocrystalline ZnO
Phys. Rev. B 79 (2009) 205206

6. T. Tietze, M. Gacic, G. Schuetz, G. Jakob, S. Brück, A. Myatiev, B. Straumal, P. Straumal, and E. Goering
Room temperature ferromagnetism without element specific ferromagnetism? A detailed XMCD study on doped ZnO
Verhandlungen DPG VI-44 (2009) 363.

7. B.B. Straumal, A.A. Myatiev, P.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin
Grain boundary phase transformations in nanostructured conducting oxides
In: "Nanoscale Phenomena - Fundamentals and Applications." Eds. Horst Hahn, Anatoli Sidorenko, Ion Tigineanu. Springer Verlag, Series NanoScience, Berlin etc. 2009. pp. 7588. ISBN10:  3642007074, ISBN13:  9783642007071. PDF

8. B. Baretzky, M. Friesel, B. Straumal

Japan Organist 36 (2009) 2638.

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(. .) 73 (2009) 12651267. PDF
B.B. Straumal, A.S. Gornakova, A.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, A.N. Nekrasov, E.P. Condrea, A.S. Sidorenko, A.V. Surdu
Grain boundary wetting in the AlMg system and synthesis of magnesium diboride in contact with melt
Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics 73 (2009) 11991201. PDF

10. E. Goering, B. Straumal, Th. Tietze, B. Baretzky, G. Schütz
Raumtemperatur Ferromagnetismus von ZnO: Ein Korngrenzenphänomen?
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Jahrbuch, Generalverwaltung der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, München (2009). PDF

11. B.B. Straumal, S.G. Protasova, A.A. Mazilkin, B. Baretzky, D. Goll, D.V. Gunderov, R.Z. Valiev
Effect of severe plastic deformation on the coercivity of CoCu alloys
Phil. Mag. Lett. 89 (2009) 649654. PDF

12. L.-S. Chang, C.-H. Yeh, B.B. Straumal
The influence of interfacial coherent energy on the theory of grain boundary segregation
Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. 21 (2009) 15. PDF

13. A.S. Gornakova, B.B. Straumal, S. Tsurekawa, L.-S. Chang, A.N. Nekrasov
Grain boundary wetting phase transformations in the ZnSn and ZnIn systems
Rev. Adv. Mater. Sci. 21 (2009) 1826

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54 (2009) 11231131. PDF
B.B. Straumal, A.S. Gornakova, V.G. Sursaeva
Grain boundary facetingroughening in Zn
Crystallograpy Reports 54 (2009) 10701078. PDF

15. R.Z. Valiev, M.Yu. Murashkin, B.B. Straumal
Enhanced ductility in ultrafine-grained Al alloys produced by SPD techniques
Mater. Sci. Forum 633-634 (2009) 321332 PDF

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2009 N9 12-17 PDF

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2009 N3 343349. PDF

18. D. A. Molodov, L. S. Shvindlerman
Interface migration in metals
Int. J. of Mat. Res. 100 (2009) 461482.