Laboratory of Internal Boundaries in Metals








Most important results

Papers - 1995 -

52. B. Straumal, E. Rabkin, W. Gust, B. Predel
The influence of an ordering transition on the interdiffusion in AuCu alloys PDF
Acta metall. mater. 43, No.5 (1995) 18171823

53. V. N. Semenov, B. B. Straumal, V. G. Glebovsky, W. Gust
Preparation of FeSi single crystals and bicrystals for diffusion experiments by the electron-beam floating zone technique PDF
J. Crystal Growth 151 (1995) 180186

54. V. Sursaeva, B. Straumal, S. Risser, B. Chenal, W. Gust, L. Shvindlerman
Orientation relationships between grains and grain boundaries in Al1 wt.% Ga alloy at the beginning of secondary recrystallization PDF
phys. stat. sol. (a) 149, No. 1 (1995) 379387

55. E. Rabkin, B. Straumal, V. Semenov, W. Gust, B. Predel
The influence of an ordering transition on the interdiffusion in FeSi alloys PDF
Acta metall. mater. 43, No.8 (1995) 30753083

56. C. Mayer, V. Sursaeva, B. Straumal, W. Gust, L. Shvindlerman
Diffusion-induced recrystallyzation in single crystals of copper PDF
phys. stat. sol. (a) 150, No.2 (1995) 705713

57. B. Straumal, W. Gust, D. Molodov
Wetting transition on the grain boundaries in Al contacting with Sn-rich melt PDF
Interface Sci. 3, No.2 (1995) 127132

58. B. B. Straumal
Grain boundary phase transitions PDF
Actas Jornadas SAM'95, H. Palmero et al. (eds.), Argentine Materials Society, Cordoba, Argentina (1995) 509512

59. D. A. Molodov, U. Czubayko, G. Gottstein, L. S. Shvindlerman, B. B. Straumal, W. Gust
Acceleration of grain boundary motion in Al by small additions of Ga
Phil. Mag. Lett. 72, No.6 (1995) 361368 PDF

61. B. Straumal, S. Risser, V. Sursaeva, B. Chenal, W. Gust
Grain growth and grain boundary wetting transitions in the AlGa and AlSnGa alloys of high purity PDF
J. Physique IV 5, C7, No. 11 (1995) 233241