Laboratory of Internal Boundaries in Metals








Most important results

Papers - 2008 -

190. B. B. Straumal, A. S. Gornakova, V. G. Sursaeva
Reversible transformation of a grain boundary facet into a rough-to-rough ridge in Zn
Phil. Mag. Lett. 88 (2008) 2736 PDF

191. A. Manescu, F. Fiori, A. Giuliani, N. Kardjilov, Z. Kasztovszky, F. Rustichelli, B. Straumal
Non-destructive compositional analysis of historic organs reed pipes
J. Phys.: Cond. Mat. 20 (2008) 104250 (5pp)

192. V. G. Sursaeva, A. S. Gornakova, V. P. Yashnikov, B. B. Straumal
Motion of the faceted 57 tilt grain boundary in zinc
J. Mater. Sci. 43 (2008) 38603866 PDF

193. S .. , .. , .. , ..

. . . 2 (2008) 1420 (084.08) 5659 (089.08)
B.B. Straumal, A.A. Myatiev, P.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin
Grain boundary phases in nanograined conducting oxides (in Russian)
J. Funct. Mater. 2 (2008)
1420 (084.08) and 5659 (089.08) PDF

194. A. A. Mazilkin, B. B. Straumal, S. G. Protasova, S. V. Dobatkin, B. Baretzky
Structure, phase composition and microhardness of carbon steels after high pressure torsion
J. Mater. Sci. 43 (2008) 38003805 PDF

195. B.B. Straumal, O. Kogtenkova, P. Zięba
Wetting transition of grain boundary triple junctions
Acta Mater 56 (2008) 925933 PDF

196. S. G. Protasova, B. B. Straumal, S. V. Dobatkin, D. Goll, G. Schütz, B. Baretzky, A. A. Mazilkin, A. N. Nekrasov
Coercivity and domain structure of nanograined FeC alloys after high-pressure torsion
J. Mater. Sci. 43 (2008) 37753781

197. B. Straumal, O. Kogtenkova, S. Protasova, A. Mazilkin, P. Zieba, T. Czeppe, J. Wojewoda-Budka, M. Faryna
Wetting and premelting of triple junctions and grain boundaries in the AlZn alloys
Mater. Sci. Eng. A (2008) in press PDF

198. I. Konyashin, B. Ries, F. Lachmann, R. Cooper, A. Mazilkin, B. Straumal, A. Aretz
Hardmetals with nano-grained reinforced binder: Binder fine structure and hardness
Int. J. Refractory Metals Hard Mater. 26 (2008)
in press PDF

199. C. -H. Yeh, L. -S. Chang, B.B. Straumal
The influence of quenching baths on grain boundary wetting transition in Sn25 at% In alloy
Def. Diff. Forum 273-276 (2008) 649654 PDF

200. V. G. Sursaeva, B. B. Straumal, A. S. Gornakova, L. S. Shvindlerman, G. Gottstein
Effect of faceting on grain boundary motion
Acta Mater. 56 (2008) in press PDF