Summer Semester 2007

Spintronics in Nanostructures (16877-01)

Lectures every Wednesday10:15-12:00Room 4.1 (Institute of Physics)
Exercisesevery Tuesday10:00-11:00Room 4.1 (Institute of Physics)
AssistantMircea Trif (office 4.4, e-mail:


ISymmetry in Solid State Physics (3 lectures)
IIk.p theory (3 lectures)
IIISpin-Orbit Interactions (3 lectures)
IVSpin Coherence and Dynamics (4 lectures)

Lecture Schedule

128.03.07Introduction to Symmetry in Physics. Basics of Group Theory. Point Groups1, 2, 3 Assignment 1
204.04.07Classes. Characters. Irreducible Representations. Basis Functions1, 2, 3 Assignment 2
311.04.07Examples. Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics. Double Groups. Space Groups. Magnetic Groups1, 2 Assignment 3
418.04.07Electron in Crystals. Perturbation Theory. k.p Method. Irreducible Representations of Cubic Crystals. Double Groups1, 2Assignment 4
525.04.07Kane Hamiltonian1, 2, 4Assignment 5
602.05.07Dirak Electrons in Graphene and Nanotubes. Effective One-Band Hamiltonian (Folding Down) Assignment 6
709.05.07Origin of Spin-Orbit Coupling. Thomas Term. Spin-Orbit Coupling in Semiconductors1, 2, 4Assignment 7
816.05.07Dresselhaus Spin-Orbit Coupling. Two-Dimensional Electron Gas. Rashba Spin-Orbit Coupling.1, 2Assignment 8
923.05.07Spin-Orbit Coupling for Holes1, 4. Spin-Orbit Coupling in Graphene and NanotubesAssignment 9
1030.05.07Bloch-Redfield Theory5, 6Assignment 10
1106.06.07Spin Relaxation and Decoherence5, 6Assignment 11
1213.06.07Electron Spin Resonance. Electic-Dipole Spin Resonance. Spin Echo. Rabi Oscillations6Assignment 12
1320.06.07Spin Hall Effect. Spin CurrentAssignment 13


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