N.N. Kolesnikov, V.E. Korotkov, M.P. Kulakov, R.P. Shibaeva, V.N. Molchanov, R.A.,Tamazyan, V.I. Simonov.
 Structure of superconducting single crystals of (2201) thallium cuprate (Tl1.85Cu0.15)Ba2CuO6, Tc=110 K.
Single crystals of 2201 phase with various superconducting transition temperatures ranging from nonsuperconducting to 110 K have been obtained. An X-ray structural study of tetragonal single crystals with Tc = 110 K, space group I4/mmm, a = 3.8686(3), c = 23.259(3) Angstrom, has been carried out. We have found that thallium atoms are partially replaced by copper atoms. We have also found that Tl atoms and O(3) atoms linked with Tl are displaced from their symmetrical sites. A correlation between the structure and properties of Tl-2201 cuprate crystals has been established on the basis of our data and the data reported in the literature