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Semiconductor compounds AIIBVI, AIIIBVI.
We study layered semiconductors such as gallium selenide, gallium telluride, and GaSe doped with S, Er, Gd. We consider synthesis and melt growth conditions, phase composition, crystallographic aspects, structural defects, optical and mechanical properties of these crystals.
We have developed new technique of fabricating dense ceramics from CdTe nanopowder. The ceramic specimens show extremely high specific electrical resistivity on the order of 1010 Ohm˛cm. Their mechanical hardness is 1450 MPa, which is more that three times higher than the corresponding value of melt-grown CdTe. The compacted CdTe has rather high transmission in the wavelength range of 6-25 microns. These properties make this material interesting for the fabrication of infrared optical elements and for potential use as ionizing-radiation detectors.

Alkali halide crystals. Over the last few years we have been studying recrystallization and aging of pure and doped alkali halide crystals (AHC). We have found that recrystallization of the alkali halide crystals after deformation or reversible polymorphic transition includes nucleation and growth of twins, with respect to initial single crystal, at the first stage of grain growth. Using XRD and texture analysis, we have absolutely reliably detected decomposition of solid solutions in lightly doped AHC undergone deformation or phase transition and then held at room temperature. The effect of low temperature and water vapor on phase composition, microstructure and mechanical properties of the deformed crystals have been studied. I suppose that deeper insight into the problem and more profound understanding of recrystallization processes in these materials can be provided by studying orientation relationships between new recrystallized grains and the matrix. Instability of deformation bands in LiF and KCl crystals has been observed. There is experimental approach to analysis of scaling as a general feature of the collective phenomena in deformation processes.