Vadim Vasil'evitch Shmidt

Vadim Vasil'evich Shmidt

Prof. Vadim Vasil'evitch Shmidt, was known as "Russian Schmidt". Being a talented theoretician and at the same time heading an experimental laboratory in Chernogolovka, Vadim Schmidt had a unique talent for explaining complicated physical models and ideas in a simple way. Vadim Schmidt was born in 1927 in Moscow. His father was well-known politican and the family did not escape the purges of Stalin's time. After spending young years in the Ural region, Vadim Schmidt graduated from the Physics Department of the Moscow State Universityin 1952. After University, he undertook experimental and theoretical work in the physics of metals. Schmidt's lectures on superconductors were extremely popular with students and formed the basis of the book "The Physics of Superconductors" Springer 1997. Sadly, the premature death of Vadim Schmidt in 1985 did not allow him to see the beginning of the new era for superconductors.