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Affiliation and official address:
Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences,
142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow distr., Russia
E-mail: shim@issp.ac.ru

Date and place of birth: February, 1, 1946; Voronezh, Russia;

Nationality: Russian

Education (degrees, dates, universities)
1970 Graduation in Physics from Dept. of General and Applied Physics of Moscow
Institute of Physics and Technology
1976 Ph.D. (Candidate of Sciences) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1985 Diploma of Senior Scientist, Institute of Solid State Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka , Moscow district.

Career/Employment (employers, positions and dates)
1971-1972 Probational Researcher, Institute of Solid State Physics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka , Moscow district.
1973-1976 Post-grad. Student of Moscow Institute of Physics and
Technology, Moscow.
1976-1981 Junior Res. Associate Institute of Solid State Physicsof Russian
Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka , Moscow district.
1981- present Senior Res. Associate Institute of Solid State Physicsof Russian
Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka , Moscow district.

Specialization (specify)
(i) main field Condensed Matter Physics
(ii) other fields Phase transitions, X-ray diffraction.
(iii) current research interest Structure aspects of disordered
systems (amorphous materials,
paracrystals, liquids);
structure and nature of single crystalline composite states.

Honours, Awards, Fellowships, Membership of Professional Societies

Publications (list selected publications see below)
- Number of papers in refereed journals: 111
- Number of communications to scientific meetings: 41
- Number of books: 1 chapter in Schpringer Issue

Short resume of the investigation:
The main purpose of my investigations is definition of the role of defects in atomic structure reconstruction in processes of phase transitions in crystals. The received in these investigations structure states and structure reconstructions are not obvious from thermodynamic theory of the phase transitions and hence can be called as anomalous ones. The numerous results of these investigations give the base to scientific branch of structure investigations, which can be called "Defects as structure forming elements in process of phase transitions". The main result of my investigations is numerate below. The results are collected into the groups, the distinguished sign of which is the dimension of the defects participated in structure reconstruction.

The main results:

from point of view of participation of point defects in structure reconstruction the results are [1-16]:
- Discovering of an auto-oscillation regime of the phase transitions in ferroelectrics (on example of Ag3AsS3 crystals)under continuous illumination of white light and at constant temperature (electronic excitations), see [1-2];
- Experimental improvement of the existence of Defect Density Waves (DDW) in the crystals with incommensurate modulated structures, see [7, 9-11,14-16];
- Theoretical and experimental basing of the role of DDW as a spatial correlator which gives rise the emergence of the multi-wave states with interference of a few waves of modulation, see [14-16];
- Discovering of new physical phenomenon consisted in anomalous increasing of the phase transition temperatures under slow cooling and decreasing them under slow heating, see [5-6, 8, 12-13];
- Discovering of generation of the point defects inside crystalline lattice under slow continuous cooling, see [6];

from participation point of view of dislocations in structure reconstruction the results are [17-24]:
- Experimental basing of the mechanism of structure reconstruction under plastic deformation in polytype crystals as correlated movement of the partial dislocations along specific crystallography directions, see [17-19];
- Discovering of auto-oscillating reconstruction of the polytype structures under continuous electron beam, see [19];
- Revealing of new type of phase transitions in single crystalline silicon under plastic deformation which are explained on the base of correlated movement of partial dislocations along specific crystallography directions, see [21,24];
- Detection of new type of structure mechanism of phase transitions in single crystals at phase transitions with big volume effect which is based on the emergence of the system of discrepancy dislocations on the frontier of the emerged phase, see [20, 23];
- Discovering of new type of linear defects (soliton dislocations) which are responsible for reconstruction of the structure of the incommensurably modulated phase under oriented stresses, see [22].

from point of view of the participation of two-dimensional defects (intertwined and interphase boundaries, micro-cracks) in structure reconstruction the results are [25-45]:
- Detection of structure mechanism of phase transitions in fragile substances with big volume effect. It consists in organizations of elastic thermo-reversible micro-cracks on the beaches of which grows new phase. The grow produce new micro-cracks on beaches of which …… and so on, see [28];
- Experimental improvement of organizing in the results of phase transitions with reducing of symmetry of the cell the new type of twin boundaries, which are lengthy transitional regions inside of which one twin orientation continuously and smoothly transforms into other twin orientation, see [29-30, 32-34, 36, 38-39, 42, 44-45];
- Discovering inside of such lengthy twin boundaries phase transitions in layered structures, see [45];
- Revealing of quasi-twinned structure states, which are characterized by spatial-continuous and repeated changing of lattice parameters, see [35];
- Detection of "chess-like" twin structures, see [37, 44];
- Revealing of interpenetrated twinning along a few crystallographic systems, see [43].

from point of view of participation of three-dimensional defects (clasters, pores…) in structure reconstruction the results are [46- 54]:
- Discovering of new type of cooperative structure reconstruction in process of heating of quenched in liquid nitrogen a nemaic liquid crystals. In the process the crystalline phase emerged inside of amorphous matrix not through growth of crystalline embryos but by continuous change of local order into long order in molecule packing simultaneously in all volume of the sample. It is shown that such reconstruction is accompanied by numerous phase transitions in crystalline states under subsequent heating (claster state of liquid crystals), see [46-47, 51-53];
- Discovering of extraordinary temperature changing of the structure of some molecular liquids (propanol-1, propanol-2 and ethanol), which point on claster character of liquid state. Such state is responsible for :
difference of crystalline structures, received by heating of glassy state and cooling with intermediate rate of liquid state;
dependence of crystalline structure received at cooling of the liquid state from speed of cooling and started temperature of the cooling;
-in press;
- Discovering of new type of structure mechanism of transition of freezed high pressure phase which is based on the organizing a few intermediate thermo-revercible para-crystalline phases, see [54];
- Revealing of structure mechanism of forming of the single crystalline composites which is based on organizing first the linear chains of atoms with future ordering them into three-dimensional lattices - (in press);
- Detection of structure mechanism of substructure forming along isomorphous phase transition with big decreasing of cell volume, see [48-49];
- Discovering of acoustic detection effect (on the example of quartz), which consists in static change of lattice parameters under acoustic excitation with bid oscillating amplitude, see [50].

To receive these results a lot of new x-ray methods and equipment have been developed, see [55 - 74].

List of publication:

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