1. Доклады по работам, направляемым в печать:

    1. L. V. Kulik, K. Ovchinnikov, A. S. Zhuravlev, V. E. Bisti, I. V. Kukushkin, S. Schmult, and W. Dietsche «Resonant Rayleigh scattering as a probe of spin polarization in a two-dimensional electron system».          «Physical Review B”

    2. L.V.Kulik, A.S.Zhuravlev, V.E.Kirpichev, V. E. Bisti, I.V.Kukushkin, S.Schmult, and W.Dietsche   «STQ "cyclotron" excitations in the two dimensional quantum Hall ferromagnet» «Physical Review B»

    3. Gnesin B.A. ,  Gnesin I.B.,  Nekrasov A.N.»The silicide coatings (Mo,W)Si2+ (Mo,W)5Si3 on graphite, interaction with carbon»  . «J. of  Material Sci. and Engeneering».

  2. Закрытая часть.