“ Physics of Low - Dimensional Structures ” (PLDS)

A Science and Technology Journal

Published in Russia since 1994.

Contents of No 1 (2006)   Contents of No 2 (2006)

“Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures” publishes original papers of Russian and foreign authors reporting the results of their studies in the field of solid state sciences and ultra-high vacuum technologies related to low-dimensional physical systems. The journal covers the following fields:

•  Scanning Probe Microscopy

•  Nanostructures and Nanotechnology

•  Physics of Atomic Clusters and Chains

•  Atomic and Electronic Properties of Surface Structures

•  Interfaces and Heterostructures

The journal regularly publishes proceedings of international conferences and workshops:

- Physics of Low - Dimensional Structures – I , II , III ( Russia ),

- Scanning Probe Microscopy – 2002, 2003, 2004 ( Russia ),

- Superlattices , Microstructures , Microdevices ( USA ).

The readership of “Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures” is the community of scientists and post-graduates actively working in the field of surface science and low-dimensional systems as well as a wide range of researchers and specialists employed in the development and application of advanced nanotechnologies and techniques for the analysis of surfaces and microobjects.

The papers intended for publication in PLDS can be written in either Russian or English. The paper text should be submitted in the MS Word format with the formulae typed with the Microsoft Equation 3.0. Figures should be submitted in separate files in the JPG format. If the paper is written in Russian, the authors should provide both Russian and English versions of the abstract.



(Chernogolovka, Russia)


Regional Editors:

U.Valbusa (Genova, Italy)

A.Kahn (Princeton, USA)


Managing Editor:


(Chernogolovka, Russia)


Editorial Board

S.Bandyopadhyay (Richmond, USA)

A.V.Chaplik (Novosibirsk, Russia)

K.N.Eltsov (Moscow, Russia)

S.V.Gaponov (N. Novgorod, Russia)

D.Haneman (Sydney, Australia)

A.Hiraki (Osaka, Japan)

S.Ya.Kilin (Minsk, Belarus)

F.Koch (Garching, Germany)

Yu.V.Kopaev (Moscow, Russia)

G.Le Lay ( Marseille, France)

R.Laiho (Turku, Finland)

V.G.Litovchenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

G.Margaritondo (Lausanne, Switzerland)

W.Monch (Duisburg, Germany)

Y.Murata (Tokyo, Japan)

A.G.Naumovets (Kiev, Ukraine)

I.G.Neizvestniy (Novosibirsk, Russia)

V.V.Rumiantsev (Moscow, Russia)

V.B.Timofeev (Chernogolovka, Russia)

M.Van Hove (Hong Kong)


Editorial Addresses:


Institute of Solid State Physics

Russian Academy of Sciences

Chernogolovka, Moscow district,

142432, Russia

E-mail: ossipyan@issp.ac.ru

FAX:7(096) 524-97-01



Dipartamento di Fisica,

Via Dodecaneso, 33,

16146 Genova,


E-mail: valbusa@fisica.unige.it



Prof.Dr.Antoine Kahn

Department of Electrical


Princeton University,

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