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Russian Academy of Sciences

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BTA image SAO is Russia's main centre for ground-based space research. The Observatory is located in the South of Russia, in the Caucasus mountains of Karachaevo-Cherkesia.
RATAN image The basic instruments of the Observatory are the optical telescope BTA (Big Alt-azimuth Telescope) with a main mirror diameter of 6 m and the radio telescope RATAN-600 with the antenna diameter 600 m.

Basic activity:

ball Study of the Universe as a whole, analysis of non-stationary energy release in galactic and extragalactic objects of various types, investigation of evolution and chemical composition of our Galaxy and the nature of solar activity. Ecology of upper atmosphere and nearby space.

ball Provision of methodical and technical facilities for observations on the largest telescopes, conducted accordingly to the programs of Russian and foreign astronomical institutions.

ball Elaboration of the newest means and methods of observations to realize the limiting characteristics of BTA and RATAN-600: sensitivity, spectral, spatial and time resolution.

ball Development of the system for acquisition, storage and processing of astronomical data, and switch to the international astronomical data base network.

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