High Education in the Institute for Solid State Physics of Russ. Acad. Sci.


Chair of MIPT in ISSP

Chair for Solid State Physics of the Department of General and Applied Physics (FOPF) of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology is based in Chernogolovka, at the Institute for Solid State Physics since early 1960-ies. The high quality of scientific researches performed in the ISSP is mostly due to thorough and industrious training of scientific personnel. Leading scientists of the Institute deliver lectures and provide practical training for the students. They finished their theses in laboratories of ISSP and the best students are allowed to continue their scientific work as post-graduate students. More than 250 students have graduated from the Chair, 90% of them succefully fulfiled their PhD projects, and about 15% became professors.

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For further information please contact to vice-head of the Chair, prof. Valery Timofeevich Dolgopolov (e-mail: dolgop@issp.ac.ru, fax: (09657)-64-111).
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