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With a purpose to support the enthusiasm of the young amateurs and their teachers, to give them a possibility to test their knowledge and to help them to get in touch with their like-minded friends, the I Open Russian Astronomy Olympiad has been organized by the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (EAAS) and Ministry of Education of Russian Federation in May 1994 in town of Yaroslavl', Central Russia.
Teaching conference took place in Yaroslavl' amoung other events during the Olympiad. School teachers and university professors, participated in this conference, focused on the role of astronomy in secondary school teaching, and drew up a declaration which summarises their experience and underlines the urgent need for an international association of Teachers interested in astronomy and astronomy education in secondary and high school. A temporary organizing committee was set up in order to prepare the Founding Conference, which took place at the Special Astrophysical Observatory (SAO RAS, North Caucasus) in November 1995.
On November 6, 1995 the Euro-Asian Association was founded.
Conferences of EAATA:
I. November 1995, SAO RAS.
II. May 1996, Kaluga, during the III ROASP.
III. November 1996, SAO RAS.
IV. April 1997, Troitsk, during the IV ROASP.
V. October 1997, SAO RAS.
VI. November 1997, Moscow, during the IV Congress of EAAS.
VII. February 1998, Chernogolovka.
VIII. April 1998, Troitsk, during the V ROASP.
IX. October 1998, SAO RAS.
X. November 1998, Nauchnyj, Crimea.
XI. December 1998, Chernogolovka, during the I EA Congress of Teachers.
XII. February 1999, Chernogolovka.
XIII. March 1999, Troitsk, during the VI ROASP.
XIV. September 1999, Nauchnyj, Crimea.
XV. November 1999, SAO RAS.
XVI. February 2000, Chernogolovka.
XVI. April 2000, Belgorod, during the VII ROASP.
XVII. May-June 2000, Moscow, during the V Congress of EAAS and Jenam-2000.
XVIII. October 2000, SAO RAS.
XIX. November 2000, SAO RAS.
XX. December 2000, Nauchnyj, Crimea.
XXI. February 2001, Chernogolovka.
XXII. April 2001, Troitsk, during the VIII ROASP.
XXIII. (in plan) September-October 2001, Nauchnyj, Crimea.
XXIV. (in plan) October 2001, SAO RAS.
XX. (in plan) November 2001, India.
XXVI. (in plan) February 2002, during ONSC.
XXVII. (in plan) April 2002, during the IX ROASP.

The main purpose of the Association is to improve and promote astronomical education at all levels in all institutions involved in teaching astronomy in the states of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society.

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