Euro-Asian Astronomical Society

V International Astronomy Olympiad
SAO RAS, Nizhnij Arkhyz, October, 20-27, 2000.

[Image of BTA, winter] The V-th International Astronomy Olympiad took place on October 20-27, 2000 at the Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences (SAO RAS) in North Caucasus. (The dates were absolutely the same as two years ago when the III IAO took place.) There were two official languages at the Olympiad - English and Russian. Problems were prepared by the Organizing Committee in these two languages but the team leaders were responsible to translate problems to native languges of participants (i.e. to Armenian, Bulgarian, Portuguese and Swedish). Character of the problems to solve were analogous to ones of the previous International Astronomy Olympiads (1996-1999). Text of the problems will be soon on the Web Page.
common photo of participants
Common photo of participants, ** kB
States, participaited in the V IAO:
Moscow land.
The main points of the programme of the Olympiad were the following:

Thursday October 19
Brazilian and Bulgarian delegations arrive
Friday October 20
Excursion to the nearest places (for Brazilian and Bulgarian delegations)
All delegations arrive
Saturday October 21
Official opening ceremony, conference
Excursion to RATAN-600
Unofficial opening ceremony
Welcome party
Sunday October 22
Theoretical round
Monday October 23
Excursion to BTA
Tuesday October 24
Practical round
Observational round
Wednesday October 25
Excursion to Arkhyz
Dinner by the river
Thusday October 26
Excursion to historical places near the Observatory
Closing Ceremony
Friday October 27
Delegations depart

Weather in the North Caucasus

Currency in the North Caucasus

Winners of the Fifth International Astronomy Olympiad:

I prize:

Agarwal Tarun (India)
Badjin Dmitry (Russia)
Bhalerao Varun Bhalachandra (India)
Bulakh Vadim (Russia)
Kvasov Igor (Russia)

II prize:

Baluyev Roman (Russia)
Ivanov Maksim (Moscow land)
Jha Mayank (India)
Kumar Vivek (India)
Lebedev Alexander (Moscow land)
Prabhu Vishal Manjanath (India)
Rufat Dzhelil (Bulgaria)
Shahverdyan Tigran (Armenia)
Voitsik Piotr (Moscow land)

III prize:

Ivanov Alaxander (Russia)
Jayanthi Shridhar (Brazil)
Konstantinov Sergey (Russia)
Krumov Vladimir (Bulgaria)
Nagayev Maksim (Russia)
Podlesnykh Dmitry (Moscow land)
Skomorohov Ruslan (Bulgaria)
Sokolovsky Kirill (Moscow land)
Number of Diploma:
             Team       1...2...3
           Moscow land..-...3...2
           Russia.. ....3...1...3
           Sweden.. ....-...-...-
           Total.... ...5...9...8

Problems of the V International Astronomy Olympiad.
The International Astronomy Olympiad 2001.

Information about the International Astronomy Olympiad 2002 will be known in the late 2001. The Olympic Coordinating Council will be glad to receive your proposals. According to Statutes on the Olympiad Autorized National Representative (Astronomical) Organizations may send applications for IAO-2002 hosting not later December 22, 2001.
    Dr. Michael G. Gavrilov, Chairman of the Coordinating Council
    of the International Olympiad of Euro-Asian Astronomical Society,
    ISSP of Russ. Acad. Sci., Institute avenue 15, 142432 Chernogolovka, Moscow region, Russia.

    new fax: +7-(096-52)-49-701
    old fax: +7-(096-57)-64-111

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