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X International Astronomy Olympiad
Personal data questionnaire
and the order of their presenting

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The Supplementary
Instructions N 7

Personal data questionnaire and the order of their presenting
in Russian
All teams have to inform the Olympic Advisory Committee (OAC) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) about their participation not later than the dates determined by the Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad.

For the X IAO (Beijing, Oct-Nov. 2005) the procedure of the informing is the following:

0. See information below if visas are necessary to arrive to IAO.

1. Leaders of official teams of states have to present to the Olympic Advisory Committee necessary personal information about every leader, participant and observer (if any) in advance (desiralbe not later than 13 weeks, obligatory - not later 8 weeks before the beginning of the Olympiad).

The list of the necessary for the OAC and LOC of X IAO points is: 2. On arrival to the Olympiad the delegation head of each participating team should in any case (i.e. once more) hand over to the organizers a list containing all personal data on the leaders, participants and observers.

Notes how to answer the questions
Example of the form filling:

Those who are interested to get further information about are welcome to contact the Olympic Advisory Committee in English or Russian. Also the Olympic Coordinating Council will be glad to receive your proposals.

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