XIII International Astronomy Olympiad
Trieste, Italy, October 13-21, 2008.

Personal data questionnaire and the order of their presenting

All teams have to inform the Olympic Advisory Committee (OAC) and the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) about their participation not later than the dates determined by the Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad. This regular period is defined as 13 weeks (91 day) before the Olympiad.

For the XIII IAO the procedure of the informing is the following:

1. Leaders of official teams of states have to present to the Olympic Advisory Committee the application (see here the form of the application) from the team and necessary personal information about every leader, participant and observer (if any) in advance: desirable (regular way) - not later than July, 13, 2008 (91 day before), obligatory (urgent and special cases) - not later than August 10, 2008 (63 days before).

The questionnaire is analogous to one of the last year.

All these data should be presenting in the mentioned dates regardless of necessity or unnecessity of official invitations to Italy (European Union) or Shengen visas.

The list of the necessary for the OAC and LOC of XIII IAO points is:

    1. Family name(s) [full name expanding initials as in Passport]
    2. First and middle name(s) [full name expanding initials as in Passport]
    3. Date of birth (in format: DD.MM.YYYY.)
    4. Place of birth: Province (city/town), state, country
    5. Sex (male, female)
    6. Citizenship:
      6.1. Current citizenship
      6.2. Former and additional citizenships (if any), in what years
    8. Passport and visit data:
      8.1.(*) Passport no
      8.2.(*) Date of issue of the passport (in format: DD.MM.YYYY.)
      8.3.(*) Date of expiry of the passport (in format: DD.MM.YYYY.)
      8.4.(*) Passport issued by [place and institution of issue]
      8.5.(**) City/town of the Italian diplomatic mission (embassy, consulate) where you will apply for the visa
      8.6. Previous visits to Shengen states, if any
      8.7. The period of proposed visit to Shengen zone for the XIII IAO
    9. Position at the organization (student, teacher, professor, etc.) of work or study
    10. Data about the organization of work or study (school, institute, etc.):
      10.1. Name of the organization of work/study
      10.2. Location of the place of work (study): Town (city, village), province, state
      10.3. Address (incl. zip code) of the organization of work/study
      10.4. Fax, telephone Nr., e-mail of the organization of work/study
      10.5. (for students) Month, year of proposed (i.e. in future time) graduating from the school
      10.6. (for students) In what previous IAOs or APAOs participated (write years and degree of Diploma)
    11. Home where the applicant lives:
      11.1. Location of the home: Town (city, village), province, state
      11.2. Full permanent home address (incl. zip code)
      11.3. Home telephone Nr. (if any), e-mail (if any)
      11.4. Mobile telephone Nr. (if any)
    12. Languages:
        For leaders:
      12.1. What official language (Russian or English) he/she will use while translate text at the olympiad and during the cultural programme
      12.2. For what languages he/she may translate tasks from the language mentioned at p.12.1.
        For students:
      12.1. What official language (Russian or English) he/she prefer for the originals of texts on the rounds and during the cultural programme
      12.2. What native language he/she will use at the Olympiad's rounds
    13. How to write the name:
      13.1. How to write the name in the minutes and Diploma
      13.2. How to write the name in the badge (it should be not more than 18 symbols including spacers, family name is obligatory)

    Example of the form filling
2. On arrival to the Olympiad the delegation head of each participating team should in any case (i.e. once more) hand over to the organizers a list containing all personal data on the leaders, participants and observers.

Notes how to answer the questions
    A. One have use usual case of letters: capital letters should be used only in the adequate places. TO USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS IS WRONG. See an example. One may use only 26 symbols of English alphabet.
    B. Write only answers (do not copy questions).
    C. Do not forget spaces after dots (one space after every dot). For example, 2.John is not correct, 2. John is correct.
    D. There should not be filled answers for "#." if the "#.#." question exists. For example, one has to fill "6.1." and "6.2." lines but there should be not "6." line in answers.
    E. Please, do not write "as last year" instead of actual data.
    F. Points typing as bold must be filled in any case. Points marked by "(*)" (unbold: 8.1-5.) are necessary in advance only if the applicant asks the invitation for visa. In any case the points 8.1-4. will be necessary a couple of weeks before the Olympiad. Point 8.5. is not necessary if visa not necessary. For applications received later than 64 days before the Olympiad the LOC could not issue invitations for visas.
    G. Notes for actual points:
      1. To write all family names (as in passport).
      2. To write all first and middle names (as in passport).
      8.4. Organization and city/town of issuing the passport.
      12. Languages:
      12.1. Official documents of the Olympiad will be done him/her in the mentioned language.
      12.2. Leaders of the team are responsible to translate tasks from Russian or English to native languages of participants.
    H. If some information appears wrong or not full and you have to change it, please, do the both procedures:
      1. Write where the incorrect data (what was written) should be replaced by correct data (write correct data)
      2. Resend all the list with the personal data.
Example of the form filling:
    1. Petrenko
    2. Aleksandr Vassiljevich
    3. 25.05.1958
    4. town Belaya Tserkov', Kiev region, Ukrainian SSR, USSR
    5. Male
    6.1. Kazakh
    6.2. USSR (1955-1990), Ukrainian (1990-1994)
    8.1. 45 N 596827
    8.2. 02.04.2004
    8.3. 02.04.2009
    8.4. GUVD 611, city Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
    8.5. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
    8.6. Germany: July 1999, France: January 2003, Denmark: May 2007.
    8.7. 27.01-08.02.2000.
    9. Associate professor
    10.1. Alma-Ata State University, Physical Faculty
    10.2. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
    10.3. Gagarin avenue 15, KZ-788001 Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
    10.4. Fax: +7-333-122-34-55, Tel: +7-333-122-34-99, e-mail: petrenko@phys.almaata.kz
    This point only for students, in the case Mr.Petrenko is a student this line should be, for example, "June 2010"
    This point only for students, in the case Mr.Petrenko is a student this line should be, for example, "IAO-2006: 3rd Diploma", "IAO-2007: Diploma of participating"
    11.1. s. Pervomajskoye, Alma-Ata region, Kazakhstan
    11.2. O.Bender street, 24-18, KZ-752340 s. Pervomajskoye, Alma-Ata region, Kazakhstan
    11.3. Tel: +7-344-452-11-90, e-mail: svpetrenko@mail.ru
    11.4. Mobile tel: +7-987-765-43-21
    12.1. Russian
    12.2. Kazakh, Ukrainian, Polish
    13.1. Alexandre Petrenko
    13.2. Alex Petrenko

    For the XIII IAO the form cannot be filled in Russian

Updated 06.06.2008.

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