Euro-Asian Astronomical Society

The International Astronomy Olympiad

Participating States
States, presented on the past IAO's (incl. preliminary ones):

Participating States

Armenia (ANRAO registered)
Brazil (ANRAO registered)
Bulgaria (ANRAO registered)
China (ANRAO registered 30.07.2003.)
Crimea (ANRAO registered in 2004.)
Estonia (ANRAO registered 14.09.2004.)
India (ANRAO registered 25.07.2003.)
Indonesia (ANRAO registered 05.07.2004.)
Iran (ANRAO registered 01.10.2004.)
Italy (ANRAO registered 20.12.2002.)

Korea (ANRAO registered)
Lithuania (ANRAO registered in 2004.)
Moscow (ANRAO registered)
Romania (ANRAO registered 01.10.2004.)
Russia (ANRAO registered 07.06.1996.)
Serbia (ANRAO registered 22.10.2002.)
Sweden (ANRAO registered 01.10.2003.)
Thailand (ANRAO registered 14.08.2005.)

Individual Participation from

Belorussia (2000)

Finland (1996)

Observing States

Denmark (1998)
Ireland (2003)
Japan (2005)

Bangladesh (2006)
Croatia (2006)
Czechia (2006)

Note: participating states - states which have sent teams with contestants to at least one IAO; individual participation - individual participating of the contestants from the state; observing states - states, which have sent observers to at least one IAO but haven't sent contestants yet.

National Astronomy Olympiads of participating states

Those who are interested to get further information about these activities are welcome to contact organizers in English or Russian.

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