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The Supplementary Instructions N 3

Supplementary Instructions N 3
in Russian (not ready now)

It is a short issue of the Supplementary Instructions N 3 - actually for IAO-2004

Restrictions for the teams forming and students of the groups:

The following temporal rules of forming the state's teams are established for IAO-2004 as for an Olympiad organizing during the initial period of IAO:

1. In the case of absence of a National team from a state, the regions, cities and towns or individuals of this state are responsible (by a permission of the Olympic Coordinating Council to take part in the Olympiad.

2. For the states, starting their activity in the International Astronomy Olympiad and for the students participating the first time in IAO the age limits for the groups for IAO-2004 are defined as:

For the Olympiad 2004 only the states participating in IAO the first or the second time (including participating as town teams from the state) are considered as states, starting their activity in IAO.

For other students participated in IAO-2004 the age limits for the groups are defined (by the point # 4.5. of the Acting Statutes/Regulations) as:

Those who are interested to get further information about the Olympiad (including official invitations for teams and observers, take into account: visa support is necessary for citizens of some countries and it takes too long time to issue an invitation to Crimea!) are welcome to contact Coordinating Council in English or Russian.

Information about the International Astronomy Olympiad 2005 will be known in the late 2004 or 2005. The Olympic Coordinating Council will be glad to receive your proposals.

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