Founding Statutes
on International Olympiad
of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society

Text in Russian

The Statutes ratified by the Board
of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society
on June 7, 1996.

1. General Part.

With the aim of providing steady development of astronomy and spreading astronomical knowledge the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (EAAS) and the Euro-Asian Association of Astronomy Teachers (EAATA) of the EAAS with the assistance of the P.K.Sternberg State Astronomical Institute (in Moscow), Special Astrophysical Observatory of Russian Academy of Sciences (in Niznij Arkhyz) and the Moscow-Regional Branch of the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University (in Chernogolovka) found an International Olympiad of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society (International Astronomy Olympiad in short) for school children as a form of popularizing natural science among children and the young people, singling out the most gifted students.

The International Astronomy Olympiad (IAO) is held every year in autumn starting 1996, in various countries. Teams of school children (winners of national olympiads) from all interested states take part in the Olympiad. The fundamental principles for the organization, realization and holding of the Olympiad are defined by the Founders and stated in the present Founding Statutes.

2. Fundamental Principles
of Organization, Realization and Holding
of the International Astronomy Olympiads.

2.1. Aims and Purposes of the Olympiad.

The main purposes of the Olympiad are:

  • popularization of natural science knowledge, scientific approach to astronomy and the correlated sciences;
  • enhancement of the interest in astronomy, physics and cosmonautics for the young people;
  • singling out gifted schoolchildren, rendering them assistance;
  • invigorating activities of faculties, circles, sections, scientific societies, clubs of the students and other forms of activities with them;
  • improvement of teaching of astronomy and astronomical aspects in physics in secondary schools;
  • rendering possible assistance to the students in choosing their profession.

2.2. Basic Principles, Statutes and Regulations of the Olympiad.

Basic principles of organization, realization and holding of the Olympiad are defined by the Founders and stated in the present Founding Statutes.

On the basis of the present Founding Statutes the Olympic Coordinating Council of the International Astronomy Olympiad elaborated and if necessary replenishes the "Acting Statutes/Regulations on the International Astronomy Olympiad of School Children" which are approved at the conference of authorized representatives from the founding organizations and participating states held every year during the Olympic period. The Acting Statutes/Regulations specify the principles of the organization of the Olympiad and define the concrete forms of its realization and holding. The Statutes/Regulations are valid since the moment of their adoption till new regulations or their new edition are adopted.

Actual forms of realization and holding the Olympiad not stipulated in the Regulations are defined by the Olympic Coordinating Council.

2.3. Organizations Sponsoring and Holding the Olympiad.

The International Astronomy Olympiad is sponsored and held by the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society, Euro-Asian Association of Astronomy Teachers, astronomical organizations of the participating states and other organizations.

2.4. Procedures and Partipants of the Olympiad.

The International Astronomy Olympiad is held every year in the period from September till December in one of the astronomical centres of the Olympiad member-states.

School children of several age groups take part in the Olympiad.

2.5. Forming of Teams in the States Participating in the Olympiad.

Teams from the participating states consisting of National Olympiad winners and prizewinners of the previous International Olympiad take part in the Olympiad. The Olympiad participants are not supposed to study at any institutions of higher education.

Departments of EAAS of Olympiad member-states (in case of their absence - other astronomical societies, leading observatories, astronomical departments of universities, education ministries and other competent bodies of these countries) are authorized to form the teams of the Olympiad member-states.

2.6. Working Languages of the Olympiad.

The Working languages of the Olympiad are the official languages of the Euro-Asian Astronomical Society - Russian and, if necessary, English.

2.7. Working Bodies of the Olympiad.

The conference of authorized representatives from the organizations-founders and the states participating in the Astronomy Olympiad movement aprove its leading body - the Coordinating Council of the IAO which consists of representatives of founders, participating states and leading international astronomy organizations.

Methodical Commission and other comissions assigned to work in concrete directions are formed under the Coordinating Council.

The Coordinating Council forms an IAO jury for the period of holding the current Olympiad. Members of the Methodical Comission, Coordinating Council, scientists and teachers of the organizer-state together with scientists, teachers and amateurs from other states take part in the work of the jury board.

2.8. Problems for the Olympiad, their Preparing and Selection.

The Olympiad is held in several rounds. Each round offers the students a few problems (or one complex problem). The complexity of the problems depends on the various levels of competence of the participants.

Methodical Commission of the Coordinating Council jointly with the Commission of the Astronomical Centre, where the Olympiad is held, prepares and selects problems for the Olympiad.

2.9. Financing of the Olympiad.

The Olympiad is financed mainly by fees of the participating states.

The IAO Coordinating Council may form the Fund of the Olympiad to cover the expenses partially or fully. The fund raises money from allocations of states and organizations, holding the Olympiad, sponsors' contributions and other payments of corporate and physical bodies. The fund spends the money according to the estimate approved by the Coordinating Council.

National organizing committees of the participating states may form local (national) funds, incl. funds at the expense of the educational institutions. These funds provides organization of the national Olympiads through local organizing committees and pay for the teams sent to the International Olympiad.

2.10. Status of the Olympiad.

That the International Astronomy Olympiad has a status of international intellectual competition. The status of the Olympiad can not be changed or transformed.

2.11. Alterations of the Basic Principles of the Olympiad

Taking into consideration a significant and specific part of Astronomy in the educational system and common human culture, the fundamental principles of the Olympiad are defined initially in the text of the present Founding Statutes.

Correction and specification of principles of organization, realization and holding of the Olympiad are realised by the alteration of the "Acting Statutes/Regulations on the Olympiad". Making changes in the text of the Founding Statutes is not allowed.

The original text of these Statutes is written in Russian

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