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The laboratory of electronic kinetics (LEK) was created in 1974 by Vsevolod Gantmakher, he was the head of laboratory up to 2000. During 2000 – 2014 the laboratory was directed by Mikhail Trunin, nowadays the head of LEK is Vadim Khrapai.

The work in the laboratory concentrates on basic research of those aspects of low-temperature transport which are influenced by electron correlations. These include
  • electron scattering,
  • metal-insulator and superconductor-insulator transitions in metastable alloys and in metal oxides,
  • superconductivity of high-Tc, organic superconductors and superconductors with many bands.

Wide spectrum of transport mechanisms is under consideration, from Drude conductivity and Josepson tunneling to hopping. Mainly bulk materials are studied though some aspects of electron scattering in heterostructures are also investigated. The main properties measured experimentally are dc resistance, magnetoresistance, microwave impendance, nonlinear microwave response and ac-susceptibility.

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142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, Russia