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Staff of the Laboratory of Electron Kinetics

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Scientific staff of LEK
Vadim Khrapai

PhD, Head of laboratory, Lecturer of the Solid State Physics Chare of MIPT

Mikhail Trunin Dr.S., main research scientist, Dean of the Faculty of Physics at National Research University of "Higher School of Economics"
Vladimir Zverev Dr.S., leading research scientist, Deputy Head of the Solid State Physics Chare of MIPT
Dmitriy Shovkun PhD, senior research scientist
Artem Shevchun PhD, research scientist
Vyacheslav Dremov PhD, research scientist
Evgeny Tikhonov PhD, junior research scientist
Marija Prokudina PhD, research scientist
Technical staff of LEK
Margarita Gorbachova technician
Gennadiy Merzlyakov leading engineer
Tat'yana Tratas
PhD, leading engineer
Sergey Ryzhkov electronic engineer

Aleksey Shovkun engineer
Igor Fevralev turner
Students and PhD students
Artem Grebenko PhD student of MIPT
Stanislav Petrusha PhD student of ISSP RAS
Anton Bubis student of MIPT
Ramzil Galiev student of MIPT
Artem Denisov student of MIPT

142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, Russia