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Mikhail Ryurikovich Trunin

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In 1980 Trunin graduated from Physics department of University in Gorky. Since that time he works in the Laboratory of Electron Kinetics at the Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Sciences (Chernogolovka, Moscow distr.). In 1985 Trunin defended PhD thesis "Nonlinear trajectory effects in metals in the microwave band", and in 1999 he defended his second doctoral dissertation "Microwave response of high-Tc single crystals".

Starting from 1993 Trunin gives the lectures and seminars for students of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT), Department of General and Applied Physics and, starting from 1998, for students of the Moscow State University (Physics Department) also. Since 2002 Trunin was Deputy Head of Solid State Physics Department of MIPT, since 2007 he was Dean of the General and Applied Physics Department of MIPT, since 2016 he is Dean of the Faculty of Physics at National Research University "Higher School of Economics".

Research interest:  

The first period of Trunin's research activity was devoted to investigation of the nonlinear microwave effects in the pure metals at low temperatures, such as:

  • nonliner cyclotron resonance;
  • processes of resonant interaction of electromagnetic waves;
  • nonlinear resonances on skipping electron trajectories.

Then the scope of his interests was connected with effects of the propagation of magnetoplasma waves in metals. In particular, he calculated the cyclotron-wave spectrum in bismuth and experimentally observed the singularities of the spectrum in the surface impedance and harmonic generation signals.

Since 1987 Trunin is interested in the high frequency response of high temperature superconductors (HTSC). The results of his investigations, summarized in six review papers, are prominent in international scientific community.

Address:   Institute of Solid State Physics, RAS
142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, Russia
Fax:   +7 496-522-81-60
phones:   work phone: +7 496-522-82-86

142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, Russia