Oleg Igorevich Barkalov


Position - Leading Research Associate

Summary In 1984 O.I. Barkalov graduated from Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute, Physical-Chemistry Department. Since this time he works in the Laboratory of High Pressure Physics of Institute of Solid State Physics Russian Academy of Sciences (Chernoglovka, Moscow District). He got his PhD degree in 1990 (the Thesis entitled “Amorphization and dynamical properties of metastable high pressure phases in Al-Ge, Zn-Sb è Cd-Sb systems”) and his Doctor of Sciences (the Thesis entitled “ Crystal-to-amorphous transitions at normal and high pressures in the systems with semiconductor phases”

The main field of his research interests was studding of the solid state amorpization reactions induced by high pressure:

•  Kinetics of the solid state amorpization reactions of the quenched high pressure phases

•  Atomic structure and transport properties of the bulk amorphous semiconductors

•  Phase transformations in the amorphous semiconductors under high pressure

At the present time O.I. Barkalov begins to investigate properties of the hydrogen hydrates formed at high pressure.


Adress: Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences,
    142432, Chernogolovka 
    Moscow district, Russia


Fax: +7(096) 524-97-01