Efimchenko Vadim Sergeevich

Position: PhD Scientist

About: Dr. Efimchenko was born in Kirsanov, Russia, in 1982; graduated in Solid State Physics from the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics of Tambov State University in 2004 and entered the Laboratory of High Pressure Physics of the Institute of Solid State Physics RAS the same year. The title of the PhD thesis is ďSynthesis and properties of high-pressure molecular hydridesĒ. Since 2020, Dr. Efimchenko has been Head of LHPP.

Research activities: Experimental studies on the T-P phase diagram of the H2O-H2 system and properties of the high-pressure phases. Particularly, a transition of hexagonal ice Ih to the clathrate hydrate phase sII was observed and the hydrogen content of the sII phase has been determined for the first time.

Address: Institute of Solid State Physics , RAS
142432, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, Russia

Location: 121 ›“ 

e-mail: efimchen@issp.ac.ru

Phones: office: 8-2522-8410 (from Moscow ), 2-84-10 (local)