Korotkova Maria Alexeevna

Position: Scientific associate

About: In 2018, M.A. Korotkova graduated from the Moscow State Regional University (MGOU), specialty 03.03.02 "Physics", having received the qualification: Bachelor. In 2020 she graduated from the Institute of Solid State Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISSP RAS), specialty 28.04.04 "Nanosystems and nanomaterials", having received the qualification: Master. In 2020, she entered the postgraduate course of ISSP RAS in the field 03.06.01 "Physics and Astronomy", specialty 01.04.07 "Physics of Condensed Matter". Has been working at ISSP RAS since 2018.

Areas of expertise: high-pressure phases composed by carbon and silicates


Location:121 ETK

E - mail: korotkova@issp.ac.ru