Kulakov Valery Ivanovich

Position: senior scientist

About: V. I. Kulakov graduated in Inorganical Chemistry from the Chemical Department of Moscow University in 1973; got a PhD Degree in Chemistry in 1983.


1978 - 1986 Senior Engineer, ISSP Ac. Sci, Chernogolovka;

1975 - 1978 research fellow, ISSP Ac. Sci, Chernogolovka;

1998 - till now Senior Research Fellow, ISSP Russ. Ac. Sci, Chernogolovka.

Areas of expertise: heterogeneous chemical reactions, synthesis of chemical compounds under high pressure.

Number of papers in refereed journals: about 50.

Research activities: V.I.Kulakov investigated the kinetic features of chemical interaction of niobium and its alloys with gallium melts at high temperatures. A number of works are devoted to the study of the influence of various external factors and halogens on superconducting and other physical and chemical properties of high temperature superconductors. Original techniques were developed for the synthesis of high temperature superconductors with unique properties. A number of scientific and technical developments are protected by USSR patents. Recent work includes a research on the structural transformations in the La-Mn system and a study of chemical interaction of hydrogen isotopes with carbon materials at high pressure.

e-mail: kulakov@issp.ac.ru

Fax: 7(496)524-97-01

Postal address: Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Moscow district, 142432, Russia