Laboratory of Internal Boundaries in Metals








Most important results

Papers - 2006 -

1. A. A. Mazilkin, B. Baretzky, S. Enders, O. A. Kogtenkova, B. B. Straumal, E. I. Rabkin, R. Z. Valiev
Hardness of nanostructured AlZn, AlMg and AlZnMg alloys obtained by high-pressure torsion
Diff. Forum 249 (2006) 155160

2. B. B. Straumal, S. A. Polyakov, E. J. Mittemeijer
Temperature influence on the faceting of
S3 and S9 grain boundaries in Cu PDF
Acta Mater. 54 (2006) 167172

3. V. G. Sursaeva, B. B. Straumal
Shape of moving grain boundary and its influence on grain boundary motion in zinc
Def. Diff. Forum 249 (2006) 183188

4. M. Willander, M. Friesel, O. Wahab, B. Straumal
Silicon carbide and diamond for high temperature device applications
J. Mater. Sci.: Mater. Electron. 17 (2006) 125

5. V. Murashov, B. Straumal, P. Protsenko
Grain boundary wetting in Zn bicrystals by a Sn-based melt
Def. Diff. Forum 249 (2006) 235238

6. A. A. Mazilkin, B. B. Straumal, E. Rabkin, B. Baretzky, S. Enders, S. G. Protasova, O. A. Kogtenkova, R. Z. Valiev
Softening of Nanostructured AlZn and AlMg Alloys after severe plastic deformation
Acta Mater 54 (2006) in press

7. B. Baretzky, M. Friesel, A. Petelin, A. Mazilkin, B. Straumal
Structure of historical brass tongues and shallots from Baroque organs
Def. Diff. Forum 249 (2006) 275280

8. B.B. Straumal, A.A. Mazilkin, O.A. Kogtenkova, S.G. Protasova, B. Baretzky
Grain boundary phase observed in Al 5 at.% Zn alloy by using HREM
Phil. Mag. Lett. 87 (2007) 423430

9. L.-S. Chang, W. Lojkowski, B. Straumal, E. Rabkin, W. Gust
Hot isostatic pressing of CuBi polycrystals with liquid-like grain boundary layers
Acta Mater. 55 (2007) 335343

10. L.-S. Chang, B. Straumal, E. Rabkin, W. Lojkowski, W. Gust
High-pressure influence on the kinetics of grain boundary segregation in the CuBi system
Def. Diff. Forum 258260 (2006) 258260 PDF

11. B. Baretzky, M. Friesel, A. Petelin, A. Shotanov, B. Straumal
Reconstruction of brass for tongues and shallots from baroque organs
Def. Diff. Forum 258260 (2006) 397402 PDF

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49 (2007) 824829 PDF
A.A. Mazilkin, B.B. Straumal, S.G. Protasova, O.A. Kogtenkova, R.Z. Valiev
Structural changes in Al alloys upon the seveere plastic deformation
Phys. Sol. State 49 (2007) 868873 PDF

13. C.-H. Yeh, L.-S. Chang, B. B. Straumal
The grain boundary wetting in the Sn 25 at% In alloys
Def. Diff. Forum 258260 (2006) 390396 PDF

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, 2006, 10, 16 20


15. L. S. Shvindlerman
Einsteins theory of Brownian motion
Def. Diff. Forum 249 (2006) 716 PDF

16. L. S. Shvindlerman, G. Gottstein
Unexplored topics and potentials of grain boundary engineering
Scripta Mater. 54 (2006) 10411045 PDF

17. G. Gottstein, L. S. Shvindlerman
Grain boundary junction engineering
Scripta Mater. 54(2006) 10651070

18. B. Schönfelder, G. Gottstein, L. S. Shvindlerman
Atomistic simulation of grain boundary migration in copper
Met. Mater. Trans. A 37 (2006) 17571771 PDF

19. L. S. Shvindlerman, G. Gottstein, V. A. Ivanov, D. A. Molodov, D. Kolesnikov and W. Łojkowski
Grain boundary excess free volume - direct thermodynamic measurement
J. Mater. Sci. 41 (2006) 77257729 PDF

20. G. Gottstein, D. A. Molodov and L. S. Shvindlerman
Kinematics, dynamics, and microstructural effects of grain boundary junctions
J. Mater. Sci. 41 (2006)77307740 PDF

21. V. A. Ivanov, D. A. Molodov, L. S. Shvindlerman, G. Gottstein, D. Kolesnikov, W. Lojkowski
Excess free volume of high angle grain boundaries in aluminum
Mater. Sci. Forum 519-521 (2006) 15571562PDF

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2006, , 2, .108-114