Cadmium Sulfide (CdS)

Application fields: IR optics, polarizers, beamsplitters, l/2 and l/4 waveplates; substrates; 
CAS # 1306-23-6
Growth methods: HPVB or HPVZM
Structure Wurtzite (Hexagonal)
Density:  4.825 g/cm3
Eg, eV (E//<0001>, 300 K) 2.55
Eg, eV (E perpendicular to <0001>, 300 K) 2.53
Young’s Modulus: 45 GPa
Coef. of Thermal Expansion (500 K): a 1=6.26´10-6/K; a 3=3.5´10-6/K
Specific Heat: 0.47 J/gK
Thermal conductivity (at 25 oC): 0.2 W/cmK
Max. Transmittance (l =2.5-15 mm): ³ 71 %
Absorption Coef. (l =10.6 mm): £ 0.007 cm-1 (including 2 surfaces)
Refractive index (l =10.6 mm): 2.2245 (no), 2.2376 (ne)
Refractive indexes at other wavelenghts, birefringence & Sellmeier coefficients CLICK HERE
Max. crystal diameter/length: Æ 38´30 mm

l/4 waveplate blank (Æ 35 mm)
Single crystal "as grown"

Transmittance spectra

Typical concentration of impurities in the CdS crystals by GDMS (PDF file)

Material Safety Data Sheet