Laboratory of Physical-Chemical Basis of Crystallization

Chief of Laboratory - Dr. Nikolai N. Kolesnikov


The scope of the Laboratory researches includes following main aspects:
  • the melt growth of single crystals of inorganic compounds, mainly metal chalcogenides.
  • a physical-chemical study of these compounds and systems where they originate of in order to facilitate their single crystal growth, or to achieve some desirable properties of these crystals.
  • preparation of semiconductor, mainly metal chalcogenides, nanostructures and investigation of their properties.

Experimental methods:

The Laboratory has equipment for the crystal growth by high-pressure Bridgman method (HPVB) and high-pressure vertical zone melting (HPVZM). The growth of different crystals can be carried out, the composition and unit cell parameters of produced crystals being determined in the neighboring laboratories. The structure of crystals revealed by the relevant study, the devices and materials for the DTA and the chemical etching being available in the Laboratory. The Laboratory also has an equipment for the investigation of properties of the refractory compound's melts. 

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