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Laboratory of Quantum Transport ISSP RAS


Head of the Lab -
Dr.S. Alexandr Shashkin
tel.: +74965222946, e-mail: shashkin@issp.ac.ru

Laboratory of Quandum Transport was found in 1988. Scientific interests of the laboratory staff are mostly concentrated in investigation of transport properties of low-dimentional semiconductor structures at ultra-low temperatures (30 mK) and in quantizing magnetic fields (up to 16T).

Investigation area:

  • Two dimentional electron systems with strong electron-electron interaction. Investigation of the role of disorder and phase transitions in such systems.
  • Materials with nontrivial topological properties. Research on topological insulators, Dirac semimetals, T- and I-symmetry breaking Weyl semimetals. Investigation of electron transport through heterointerfaces ferromagnet / superconductor – topological material. Research on proximity-induced superconductivity in topological materials.
  • AFM measurements of local electron transport in one dimentional systems.



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